20 Geeky Wedding Cakes That Will Blow Your Socks Off

20 geeky wedding cakes

Whether you think they’re super tacky or amazingly fun, there’s no denying that geeky and themed wedding cakes are getting more popular than ever. I mean, why would you go for a boring, three-tiered, white wedding cake when you can have one of these instead?!

Back to the Future cake


Source: Eclectic wedding extravaganza

Lego and unicorn cake


Source: Tipi wedding

Harajuku, Totoros and rainbow cake


Source: Unicorns and rainbows

Angry Birds cake pops


Source: Angry Birds styled shoot

Lord of the Rings Legolas cake

logolas cake

Cake by Tattooed Bakers via Instagram

Harry Potter Quidditch Cake


Source: Retro and geeky Brighton wedding

Zombie cake


Source: Pink hair, pink dress & a zombie wedding cake

Klingon cake


Source: Klingon and Star Trek Wedding

Alien and space cake


Source: Space themed wedding

PlayStation logo cake


Source: Tech and geek festival wedding

Why not cut your cake with a pixel sword?!


Source: Colourful gamer wedding

Lego castle cake


Source: Medieval castle wedding

Domo cake toppers


Source: Movie, CMYK & zombie wedding

Unicorn cake

tattooed bakers unicorn

Cake by Tattooed Bakers

Sega groom’s cake


Source: Austin anime and robot wedding

Doctor Who Tardis cake


Source: Doctor Who zoo wedding

Super Mario cake


Source: Star Wars and video game wedding

Minecraft cake


Source: The Minecraft wedding

Yoshi cake


Source: Yoshi and Final Fantasy wedding

Lego battle cake


Source: Internet meme wedding

What kind of cake will you be cutting on your big day?


  1. Sam Spencer

    We are having a minion cake topper made to look like us on a bunting cake! Its going to be lactose free too so I can eat it! I can’t wait!!!!!

  2. Oh some of these are spectacular!
    We opted for a Mario and Peach cake with little cupcakes that looked like mushrooms!

    Love all these geeky touches!

  3. Laura

    Oh wow I love these esp the back to the future cake..
    Our wedding is in 2017 so I’m ready to geek out lol

  4. That lego unicorn cake = really going the extra mile. How amazing, makes my wedding cake look very uninspired.

  5. Vicky

    We were bought a Lego cake topper by our nephew for an engagement present, needless to say the awesome of the gift chose our cake for us, Lego themed it is. Our wedding is going to be a mish mash of everything we love! Can’t wait

  6. I’m a cake decorator and I absolutely love making geeky alternative cakes. Much more fun than a traditional cake! I’ve made everything from a gangster Minion to a tardis to a Vintage Vampire movie cake. I love it.


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