An Internet Meme Wedding Theme: Daryl & Emily


Daryl & Emily wanted their wedding to feature various elements that but didn’t necessary go together but that they both loved. From steampunk to Lego and Lord of the Rings, this September wedding was a true reflection of them as a couple. “Our theme was ‘Nerdtacula'”, Emily laughed. “We tried to incorporate different internet memes wherever possible!”


“We are both pretty unique people and we tried to bring in a little bit of ourselves in everything that we did”, she continued. “The wedding cake Lego base was inspired by Daryl’s love of Lego although we had originally toyed with the idea of zombie apocalypse on the Tyne bridge during the Great North Run. The music we chose for the service was all from our favourite video games and Daryl’s hat reflected his interest in steampunk.”


“We also chose to have the wedding rings based on the one ring from lord of the rings based on a mutual love of LOTR and my own personal family connection to the Tolkein society.”


So fun! Thank you Daryl & Emily for sharing your wedding with us today.



  1. Diana

    I love those gloves – I had some like that when I was little. I might have to track some down for my wedding!! 🙂
    A beautiful wedding. The cake was amazing!!!

  2. Emily Scott

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. The cake base took forever to build I think Daryl spent about two months making it after spending a couple weeks sifting through bricks to find the right colours.


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