My Neighbour Totoro and Star Wars Wedding: Sarah & Adam

Anna Hardy Photography

April 15, 2014


Sarah and Adam’s wedding was a true reflection of them. They love anime and Star Wars, so that was their starting point! The day was held at Priston Mill, Bath, in December. They wanted their day to be quirky (like them!) but also fun for their guests. They had retro games set up on the balcony of the barn and devised various drinking games, matching their theme, for their guests.


“We could label our wedding theme, but really it was just ‘us'”, began Sarah. “We are big kids deep down! Everything on the day was what we enjoy and what is important to us. One of our fave films is ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ and Adam is a Star Wars freak. We knew Star Wars needed to be combined with the anime theme and the ideas went on from there – often fuelled by good friends. gin and Prosecco. Obviously, Star Wars Planets as the table names went down well with our geeky friends – at least we didn’t put the family on Alderaan…”


“We love board games so chucking them in with drinking game cards just added to the fun. We even had Jenga blocks for people to sign for the guestbook – which we will actually use!! Lego is a big decoration in our house, and I was given an X Wing Fighter as an early wedding gift. Adam was excited, but it was strictly hands off! I built it myself and it took pride of place on the cake table next to Darth Totoro, it does seem to of disappeared into his Den now though…”


“Instead of a traditional wedding cake, the couple asked guests to each bring one! “I am MAD on cakes and wanted an assortment of nibbles there for everyone”, she explained. “A lot got eaten, we had takeaway chevron themed goodie bags too – and there was over 100 lindt choccie bears consumed in the evening between bar visits!”


“The Totoros on the tables were made by Adam’s mum and we gave them out to fellow Star Wars freaks and our closest friends who had contributed a lot and been our support network. Without them, well, not sure where we would be – our friends are important to us both. Watching people fight over them on the day was fun!”


“I loved our weekends of crafting in the run up to the wedding”, Sarah continued. “One of my favourite projects was the little badges we made for everyone. We had Sarah Totoros for the girls and Adam Totoros for the boys – everyone wore them!! Luckily, we had Caroline and her badge maker and spent an evening and a bottle of wine making them!


“We loved everything about our wedding”, she concluded. ” I know Adam would say walking out to the ‘Star Wars Throne Room’ music really got him, as did me walking down the aisle to my favourite film soundtrack, ‘You’re So Cool’ from True Romance.  We both love music, many hours was spent deliberating the Spotify playlist so good music was on throughout the day.”


“We wanted a live band though, and getting a proper rock band who play proper rock was important. I remember when they asked if they should come suited and booted and we asked them to come in cut offs and converse they were shocked! They had an absolute ball and ended staying to play on for longer than planned! The dance floor was full all night, between by Naini (Gran) rocking out to moshing later on – we had music for everyone.”