Fairytale Wedding in the Berkshire Mountains: Megan & Josh

Zac Wolf

December 23, 2013


When Megan and Josh discovered their beautiful fairytale venue, everything started to fall into place. The day was held at Santarella, affectionately known as the Tyringham Gingerbread House, in the Berkshire Mountains. The magical setting was the perfect backdrop for an alternative but fairytale inspired wedding celebration.

“In keeping theme with our venue, we wanted it to feel like you stepped into a fairytale” wrote the bride. “The venue itself is so beautiful we didn’t need a whole lot of decorating. However, we attempted to make anywhere we could look ethereal with the use of glowing lights, soft colors, and complimentary décor live ivy and terrariums.”


“We used light as our main theme and we placed it anywhere we could – there were fairy lights in the rocks, gardens, hanging from trees, lanterns as gifts, lights in the terrariums, etc. Of course, we nonchalantly snuck in some fairytale aspects to represent varying princesses like random apples, clocks, seashells and animals too.”

“My favorite memory is our first look”, she continued. “I was a running a little behind with hair and make up so getting into my dress was extremely rushed. But as I was walking down the path to Josh, everything kind of slowed down. My favorite part is when he turned around, looked at me, and said ‘I missed you’. It had only been since the night before that we hadn’t seen each other but as people who have spent months apart from each other, even a few hours calls for an ‘I missed you’.”


“The other favorite memory is after the ceremony, we snuck away into our silo suite to just talk. We talked about getting ready, funny things that happened while we were setting up all morning, the fact that we actually pulled it off and were married, etc. It was nice to just get away for a few minutes to talk about what actually just happened. We planned it so we could go and enjoy our cocktail hour with guests but I’m glad we took that time to just be with one another instead.” 


“I don’t really see myself as a creative person but I knew I had to do it myself to get the exact look I wanted”, she said about the DIY projects that they undertook. “I had a lot of help from my mom who is experienced in flowers and graphics. Josh and I started collecting apothecary jars months in advance to make the terrariums. I took a few months in learning how to properly build a terrarium so it would last. I, surprisingly, loved making them and it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would to make over twenty terrariums.”


“Incidentally, we had over thirty empty bottles of coke saved throughout the years and while moving, all the bottles we planned to use in the wedding fell through the bottom of the box crashing into a million broken glass pieces. So, we spent a while re-drinking all those bottles of Mexican coke that we ended up using for the aisle décor! Josh helped in making all the signs, name tags, cutting paper anything and hot glue gunning everything. He has a great eye for what will work and how to get things done. He was a gigantic help and did anything to make our perfect day come together. ”


“My main advice is for the bride and the groom to do everything together”, Megan concluded. “Plan together, do crafts together, collaborate together. Josh and I spent a lot of time planning our day with one another and they’re some of my favorite memories leading up to the wedding.”