Alternative Bridal Idea: Stick Crystals On Your Head!

Alternative Bride_Pear Studios_017

If there’s one thing I love to showcase on Rock n Roll Bride it’s unconventional bridal styling ideas. Which is why this photo shoot really tickled my fancy. The utterly glorious tattooed model not only seriously rocks these daring (and risque!) wedding dresses, but the bling added by those crystals on her undercut are too beautiful for words!

Would you wear something like this down the aisle?

Colourful Bride_Pear Studios_008

Oh la la!



  1. It’s not a look that everyone could pull off, but it looks stunning on her. I like the attention to detail with the accessories too – the studded biker glove & edgy metal jewelry pull it all together.

  2. Bianca

    Wow! That is pretty cool.
    I have crystals in my dreadlocks but not against my skull like that, awesome.

  3. WOW!!! That’s really pretty! I love the hair color too!
    So unique and gorgeous! I’m not sure if would do it myself but is definitelly beautiful to see!

  4. OMG! Hell yeah!! <3 definitely an heck of a unique bridal look. Ohh it'll be so controversial in the Philippines. but who cares, right?


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