Elegant Tim Burton Inspired Wedding Inspiration

Burton-esque_Plum_Wedding_Photography Smiths035

Starting with rich in shades of plum alongside black and gold, The Photography Smiths and stylist Anthomanic, created some regal wedding inspiration with an edge of Tim Burton. The dramatic and quirky set design included odd shaped vintage furniture, lace wedding dresses with dramatic mermaid silhouettes, black & white stripes, mini top hats and milk & cookies as favours.

Burton-esque_Plum_Wedding_Photography Smiths009

The milk bottles were sprayed gold and wrapped in pieces of lace and ribbon, and the bouquet was accented with plums.

Tim Burton is a popular starting point for Rock n Roll Brides but I love how this shoot shows the idea with a more regal and elegant look. What do we think? The perfect twist for a gothic wedding maybe?

Burton-esque_Plum_Wedding_Photography Smiths014

Thank you to The Photography Smiths and Anthomanic for sharing with us today.



  1. A color combination that surprisingly I like it too- I always thought intense colors don’t work together but black and purple state positively. And a colored touch for the dress too is more than a fancy style.

  2. Isabel

    Oh, finally. Something a bit dark. I do love light, fluffy weddings but they can verge in the sickly sweet. Well done with this one.

  3. Wow, I love this! That deep rich purple is fab, and I love the plums in the bouquet. And of course any wedding with milk and oreos as favours would be a win in my book! x

  4. Fiona Finlayson

    Thank you so much Kat and great timing posting this. I tried to start talking decoration two days ago and couldn’t find any examples of what I was thinking to show my fella. (He’s very visual) I may have pinned everything on this page.

  5. amanda

    This is awesome and amazing. I found two back flats on Etsy and ordered my top hat for my wedding in July. Jasika is an awesome hat maker and it is so nice to see this photo shoot.

  6. Good Gawd!!!! I just frekin LOVE this!!!!! Has me written all over it. If I was having a do over this is totally the theme I would go with. SO inspiring.


  7. Kim Hutson

    Oh I love this so much! Although its a beautiful dress and suits that lady perfectly I think I would choose a different one for my body shape, but I would keep everything else just how it is!! Honestly this is perfect in every way!

  8. Alien

    Is the dress featured Essence of Australia? It looks just like one I tried on at the weekend! If its not what is it please, I must try it on! X


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