Relaxed Village Inn Wedding: Ben & Emma


Ben and Emma wanted a wedding that was, above everything else, chilled out and relaxed. The day took place at The Star Inn in North Yorkshire, their guest list was limited and Emma bought and wore the very first dress she tried on. “What made our wedding so unique, was that we were sooo laid back about the whole thing”, she explained.”There were no ‘bridezilla’ moments and I only tried one dress on, my dress! Basically our day was about the three of us, we have a daughter, Noa who is 5. We did it our way with no bells or whistles. It was just relaxed, fun and full of love.”


“Where possible, do as much DIY as you can, and ask people for help!” she advises. “I made my own bouquet, the buttonholes and my friend made my daughter’s bouquet and helped with the flower arranging. I also baked our cake, topped off with our peg family. We also collected and decorated all the jars with twine, raffia and lace. and we made the place settings and favours.”


“My favourite part of the day was seeing each other for the first time and the fact that we had our daughter stay with us throughout the ceremony. I also loved sneaking off to the pub a bit later for a cheeky pint and a natter.”




  1. Allana

    Their smiles say it all. It looks like they had their perfect day and very pretty it was too!

  2. What a sweet day. I love the Polaroid at the end – not just the tones (and the fact that it’s a supercool bit of kit) but the shot captures a really special moment!

  3. Super cute wedding and fab photography from Sally. The bride and groom deserve applause for choosing The Star Inn for their venue. Not only is it beautiful, I once ate so much there that I couldn’t move for an hour and when i did i had to breathe like i was in labour. Fact.

  4. What a lovely wedding, they all look so happy. I love the dress, and the taxidermy. I collect stuffed animals, not sure why as I am a veggie…

  5. Emma Flounders-Newbury

    Hi Kat,

    Just wanted to say thankyou for featuring our wedding, it was a bit of a shock when we found out!:)

    Sally did an amazing job with our photo’s and was brilliant on the day, we didn’t even know she was there!

    We had a wonderful day and enjoyed spending it with those few people closest to us. We can’t recommend the star inn and the rest of the amazing folk who helped us enough! And to you lovely people who have left such lovely comments about our day:)


  6. I absolutely love their caketoppers: Leia and Obi Wan! Also I think it is really lovely they included their daughter so much in the wedding, including on top of the cake.

  7. I love how real this all looks! I love weddings that can pull of beautiful and still fun and authentic as well. The photography is amazing I’m so drawn to the bride in all her shots, just as it should be! Love it!!


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