Dr Who Wedding Inspiration


This shoot is certainly going to appeal to all you Whovians out there. Come on then, tell me, who’s having Dr Who influences in their wedding? “Ever since I became a fan of Doctor Who I’d wanted to do a styled shoot and combine it with one of my other favourite things in life: weddings, of course!” explained photographer Kat Forsyth. “I’d seen a couple of Who-themed shoots around, but I always felt that none of them got it quite right; they were either really pretty, floral and sparkly, or a little too much like a cheesy costume party. I was sure that by assembling a hand-picked team of Doctor Who geeks (read: experts), we could come up with a shoot that not only captured the quirky and fun aspect of the show, but also the atmosphere.”


“There was one important aspect we had to get right”, she continued,” and that was was the venue. Because Doctor Who travels so much through time periods, I wanted somewhere that looked timeless, so that it could appear to be anything from an old Victorian building to a futuristic space in New New London. The Tobacco Dock in East London proved to be perfect for our needs, with its concrete walls, brick archways, and glass ceilings.”


Be sure to check out the fun video too. It documents the story the suppliers come up with for the shoot!



  1. When I saw this post title, I KNEW it would be from the mind of Kat Forsyth! 😉
    Everything you’ve said about ‘novelty themed’ wedding ideas – the worst thing (personal opinion) could be that it turns out like a costume party – unless you like that kind of thing of course!
    I must admit, I not a Dr. Who fan (eeek), but very much enjoy these details The action shots are fab Kat, and the venue perfect!
    The details are fun, and recognisable as Dr. Who, but not way OTT that guests will feel alienated, like they’re not part of the fun! (if they’re not Dr. Who-ligans. – I made that up just now!! Have I coined that? if so . . yay me! 😉

  2. It’s “Whovians”, Charlotte! Haha. 🙂 (Maybe Who-ligans can be the crazy insane fans, who go crazy at conventions and smash stuff).

    Thank you for the lovely words. And thanks to Kat for featuring it! I loved doing it. I’m up for a REAL Dr Who wedding now….anyone? ….Bueller?

  3. Love the attention to detail in this one, the jammie dodgers and fish fingers with custard are a nice touch!

    We had little Tardis favour bags with jelly babies in them at our wedding, and the vicar wrote her sermon around why marriage is like the Tardis. Later, we were given a Tardis teapot like the one in the photo as a present. 🙂

  4. Kat! This is awesome! I know you must have had a total blast doing it because it combines the things you love! NICE JOB! 😀

  5. Claire

    If I show this to my boyfriend he’ll probably propose before the end of the day!

    Best shoot ever!

  6. Faith Caton-Barber

    I am so pleased that we were able to create such a positive response, it was a labour of love so it means a lot. Thank you so much Kat for sharing our work, I am over the moon. Hooray for work and fun being the same thing!

  7. Jenny Considine

    Don’t know much about Dr. Who, but I love your shoot! So quirky and different. I am a proud Mum. You excel!

  8. Joe Podeiko

    Did I miss something? No one caught the names Ian and Barbara.. or was that just foregone conclusion?

  9. Lee Ferrier

    I’m glad someone caught on, Joe. Naming the characters Ian & Barbara was a direct reference to the original companions with The Doctor & Susan!

  10. THOSE SHOES are perfection! I love the running shot
    but I hate how photos always do that groom looking at camera, bride looking at groom shot haha
    now if only I can persuade my boyfriend…

  11. Totally late reply to this comment, Jessalyn, but I bought the teapot from the “Forbidden Planet” shop in London! You could probably get it online.


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