Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller’s Wedding

Claire Macintyre Photography

January 8, 2016

Marilyn Monroe  & Arthur Miller's Wedding (4)

So I haven’t actually got the scoop of the century, sharing unseen photos from Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller’s wedding… but I’ve got the next best thing! This shoot, photographed and styled by Claire Macintyre Photography, has got to be one of the closest homages to this iconic wedding that I’ve ever seen!

Marilyn Monroe  & Arthur Miller's Wedding (29)

Claire explains, “Our inspiration was Marilyn. She is the ultimate Rock n Roll bride, and I have always been completely fascinated with her. I am getting married in 2017 and she is the first place I went to for inspiration. I absolutely loved the laid back, intimate vibe of her wedding to Arthur Miller. I loved the really low key glamour, with the focus completely on them and not complicated by heavy décor and fiddly details.”

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“And as well as trying to emulate this for my own Rock n Roll wedding, I thought it would be heavenly to recreate her wedding photos, but in full colour and with a modern wedding photography twist. I wanted to do it as a tribute to this amazing woman.”

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“So we headed off to Pinewood Studios to shoot the wedding and to feel in some small way connected to her. We also camped out at Heatherden Hall, a place Marilyn actually frequented while shooting The Prince and The Showgirl, and the original heart of Pinewood Studios. It also just so happens to be a superb wedding venue too! Our models were also amazing. Laura not only looks strikingly like Marilyn when she is costume, but she emanates her aura and personality and she is able to portray both her sexuality and fragility. This was always going to be very important to me, in my quest to find Marilyn.”

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  1. Rick

    Lovely shoot; terrific photography and a great tribute with detail and styling. With all of this wonderful attention to detail though, curious as to why Marilyn’s hair and mole are backwards? MM’s hair always fell across her forehead to HER right eye and her mole was on HER left, so when we see photos her hair falls to the left and the mole on the right.

    Sorry to be so picky, but when going to this amount of work and detail, it just made me a little curious.

    Other than that, this is a sweet and beautiful tribute.

  2. Meg

    I think it would have been better if it were Marilyn and Joe instead of Arthur; who was her ultimate demise. He wasn’t her great love, Joe was and I think it would have been a far better tribute if they were used instead. Just my opinion. As a very big Marilyn fan, I do like the clothing and atmosphere but not the person he was taken after or tribute. I also agree that if you’re going to do a tribute, please be accurate, hair to left mole on right. True fans can be easily offended and very picky.

  3. stephanie

    I found these pictures while searching for Marilyn’s wedding to Miller, and it took me a few minutes to realize it wasn’t her! You look PHENOMENAL and what a lovely lovely wedding tribute! wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! (beautiful styling and photos, btw!)


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