Day of the Dead Nebraska Wedding: Jessie & Joby

The Leekers

August 15, 2013


Jessie and Joby’s Nebraska wedding was held at Apothecary Lofts in Downtown Lincoln. Their wedding had a day of the dead theme which some of their older relatives thought was a little morbid but the couple thought was perfect, “but we got into this UNTIL DEATH, right?” Jessie laughed.


“My favorite part of our wedding was our ceremony”, she continued. “We wrote our vows together, incorporating super personal and meaningful things for each of us (like me pledging to be sensitive and respectful of Joby’s collections, and Joby pledging to be sensitive and respectful of my chickens). It was also super meaningful to me to have my daughter, Stella, be apart of our ceremony too. We made vows as a family to always be loving and respectful of each other. We also presented Stella with a locket that serves as a momentum for her of the promises that we all made that day. Don’t get me wrong the dance party and reception were fun, but the meaningful mushy stuff was my favorite.”


“We had a friend create our wedding invitations for us and they suggested a ‘day of the dead’ theme, which we had already talked about doing anyway so that kind of sealed the deal for us. The things that made our wedding unique included the fact that I did not wear a traditional long dress, we had a black wedding cake (with a day of the dead couple topper) and we incorporated our love of cars into the centerpieces.”


“We bought almost all of our decorations for the wedding on sale after Halloween (and some red stuff after Christmas). My gal pals and I got together one night and helped me put together my centerpieces. A really creative friend of ours is super crafty, and I showed her a picture of the boutonnieres I liked and she made them (and gave them to us as a wedding gift). I also really saved a lot of money on buying my dress online. I found a super amazing shop, from looking on the Rock n Roll Bride website, Honeypie Boutique.”


“Our biggest expense was our photographers but knew they were super important”, she concluded. “As we look back (and seeing all of our amazing moments captured on film) it was totally worth it! The thing we spent the second most money on was the venue. It was important for us to find a place that would let us bring in our own food and booze (which in the end actually saved us money!) We had a friend that had done catering for years and agreed to make our food at cost as a wedding gift to us, and anyone that has served a meal through a caterer knows how expensive that can get.”