Handcrafted Retro Wedding: Elizabeth & David

Claudia Rose Carter

June 27, 2013


Elizabeth and David’s gorgeous May wedding was held at One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow. They wanted a simple day but one that they could put their own stamp on. Graphic designer Elizabeth handmade a lot of the details.

“All we were really set on was having a nice, light, fresh feel to everything”, began the bride. “I was desperate to get our love of movies in there, so we had the tables named after our favourite movie characters. We hired the townhouse for the wedding which effectively allowed us to have a large house party.”


“The biggest thing was making sure I could design or create as much of the wedding as humanly possible. I designed the invitations, bird seed pouches, personalized handkerchiefs for everyone, and hand-painted animal favours and CDs for guests to take home. There was lots of card and white & silver spray paint involved! We had a lot of whisky and cigars, there was also a TV set up in the bar with the football on (I’m told it was an important game).”


“Doing the handkerchiefs were really satisfying”, she continued. “I bought cheap floral handkerchiefs from eBay and then I bought iron-on transfer paper. I designed a different set for each table based on their table, so if you were sitting at the Lebowski table, you got one with the words ‘I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me.’ Then I made special ones for the wedding party.”


“The animals were trickier than I thought, but then I discovered the silver spray paint which was a lot easier than the matte white paint. The bird seed bags were probably the most inexpensive as I bought the 50 pouches from Tesco for under £1 and a large bag of birdseed for a £6. The rest was time spent on printing. There was A LOT of printing involved.”


“My favourite moment was definitely the kiss!” she giggled. “Purely because of the look on David’s face when I burst out laughing after I saw my lipstick all over his mouth. His cheeks were just as red! One of most ‘us’ moments was the last dance, we had everyone bouncing along to Dueling Banjos, which was a song that they used to play in the student union on a Friday night, where we would all jump about care-free. It is not for the faint-hearted though, I was almost bounced right in to the fireplace by one of David’s friends, and as I had taken off my shoes for most of the wedding, my feet were terrified and sore.”