BYO Village Hall Wedding in Scotland

Dave Fallon Photography

March 4, 2016

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Victoria and Alan were originally planning to marry in June. However after organising everything for a year, Victoria fell pregnant so decided to push back to October, after their son had been born.

The wedding took place in a village hall in central Fife, Scotland. “We’d originally planned a big castle wedding”, the bride began. “However once I fell pregnant and we pushed the day back, we decided to scale everything back and spend less. The last thing we wanted to do was worry about the costs. After all we now had a new born to look after! We ended up in a village hall having a BYOB (bring your own booze!) party.”

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“I’d say the theme was a bit vintage, rustic and inspired by the WW1 era”, she continued. “I looked online for ideas, searching for how they might have styled their weddings in 1914. We wanted to give our day a modern twist too though.”

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“The majority of the décor was DIY. We decorated jars, painted wine glasses, and used pallets. One of our biggest expenses was my dress. It was the most important part to me and was one thing I wanted to spend as much as I needed to on! The other big spend was catering. As we decided to have the day at our local town hall we were able to invite more people.”

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“My advice to other couples would be that although its classed as ‘the most important day of your life’, in the end its only one day“, she concluded. “Even if things go wrong it won’t matter as long as you have that marriage certificate at the end of it. Spend the day with everyone you love, have fun, and enjoy it whilst it lasts as it goes by so fast!”

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