Rock n Roll Wedding at The Voodoo Rooms

Duke Studios

April 3, 2015

Retro wedding at the Voodoo Rooms (28)

Dave and Emma’s wedding had a subtle 1950s theme with a hung dollop of their personalities injected for good measure! The bride’s high street dress, birdcage veil and fur coat combo definitely harked back to a bygone era and all the colourful DIY décor made the day very ‘them’.

“We wanted our wedding to be fun and representative of us so that meant there was a vintage/ 50s style about my dress and the cars. The rest of the day was more about being quirky and fun. We wanted it to be relaxed and for there to be a party feel. There were hints of Americana with our postbox, popcorn and the evening food of hot dogs. We asked our guests to provide us with their favourite tracks and we used these to give the DJ a pool of songs to play from, this meant that we had lots of dancing from everyone and no terrible music!”

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Their reception was held at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. They didn’t go overboard with the décor but the bride and her bridesmaids made the centrepieces, place names and windmills, which were used as buttonholes and favours. “I really enjoyed making things myself and it all ended up looking fab!” she said. “It was also much less expensive than buying things in. The table plan, for example, cost £2 to make!”

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“In total we spent around £6500 with our biggest single expense being the cars. It was really important to us to have authentic 1950s cars and they were worth every penny. My dress was a total bargain though! I knew I wanted a short dress as I am quite small and would have been drowned in anything else, and I found the perfect dress in Phase Eight. I was finding it hard to justify such a big expense on a dress I would wear once but still wanted something I loved and this dress did just that. It cost £250 and I wore it with a jewelled belt that was also from Phase Eight. It was a bit of a splurge but I couldn’t not have it! My fur coat was vintage and a gift from a family friend, my bag also vintage and used to belong to my grandma.”

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There were so many moments on the day that the couple loved, it was difficult for them to pick just one highlight. “Our best man did the graffiti you see in the pictures as a gift and we had a lovely photo shoot in front of it with our photographer which was awesome. Seeing the graffiti for the first time was really cool. I also loved spending time with my dad in the car before the ceremony. Dave said he loved going into the reception as man and wife and not needing to worry about anything any more! He was really nervous about his speech and didn’t really want to do one at all so he was also pleased when that was over!”

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“I hope you all enjoy the planning of your weddings”, Emma said in conclusion. “It will all go by so quickly and you will miss it! I still get little pangs of jealousy when I talk to all the brides-to-be I know. Also make sure you are organised, getting everything done in plenty time meant I was able to be relaxed and not stressed out on the day.”

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