Glamorous Vintage Wedding: Cecilia & Stuart


May 15, 2014


Cecilia and Stuart’s Glasgow wedding was pure vintage glamour – with a big dollop of pin up rockabilly cool thrown in for good measure! The couple were married at St Patricks church and their reception was held at Sloans, Gasgow’s oldest bar and restaurant.

“We tried to keep the wedding cheap, cheerful and small”, wrote the beautiful bride. “We only had 40 guests during the day. We spent the most money on the bands, car and our photographer. I had seen Sassy’s work on a few wedding blogs and I knew it had to be her to photograph our wedding. She was so friendly and accommodating in communication – we knew immediately that we had made the right choice and that was only confirmed when we met her and Millie the night before at the rehearsal.”


“We chose to have the ceremony at a local church, as it is where I grew up. My grampa, who I was very close to, passed away a year ago this month; he attended that church for many decades. He and my gran were also married there in 1951. It was our little way of including him in the day.”


“As we wanted to keep things budget friendly (we would much rather spend the money on holidays and the like) we made a lot of stuff ourselves. Also, the price of some places we looked at for the reception were ridiculous, so we soon narrowed it down to a pub in the city centre, Sloans. The décor inside is amazing as it was built in 1797, and it would be easy for guests to get to. Most of all, the price was good! To decorate it we bought some gold glitter fabric from a local fabric shop for the table centrepieces and the lanterns, balloons, tea lights etc from eBay. There was no set colour theme, as we didn’t want to be restricted or get all crazy about it, but it kind of ended up mint and gold in the end!”


Cecilia had her dress custom made for her by Nina Mac. She was inspired by something she’d seen Diana Dors wear. “I knew straight away the kind of dress I wanted, as I had adored a photograph of amazing evening gown Diana Dors wore”, she explained. “I knew I wouldn’t have any other opportunity to wear such an striking mermaid style dress, so even though I thought it might be a bit much for a small wedding, I went for it! I found a fantastic local dressmaker who helped to recreate the dress – I was so pleased with the results and everyone commented on how amazing the dress was!”


“I didn’t think I would go for an ivory dress and in fact at first, I bought a vintage pink prom dress from etsy but that was soon relegated to my evening dress for serious dancing (the mermaid dress had so many layers, so it wasn’t easy to dance in!) The bridesmaids and I had some fur shrugs made by our friend, Sam, and it was just as well we did! It was a cold day but the weather could definitely have been worse.”


“All in all, the day went fantastically and its true what people say – enjoy it because it goes quickly”, she concluded. “It felt like I blinked at 2pm and suddenly it was the end of the night. We couldn’t get a taxi, so Stu and I walked back to our hotel through the city centre, with all the pubs and clubs spilling out onto the street. I love Glasgow.”