Moody and Dark Australian Elopement

Sarah Capri Photography

March 16, 2017


Mitch and Tash decided to elope and wanted their wedding to feel moody and a bit dark. So the bride wore black and they had their ceremony in a venue that looked like a gothic mansion!

“I always knew that if I was to get married I would be wearing black and it would be a little different to the norm”, said Tash. “We were inspired by bits and pieces of our lives that stood out. We love to check out Montsalvat every now and then. Its a European style artist’s colony established in the 1940s in Victoria, Australia. It is a very cool place, almost a little medieval and mysterious. We had originally planned to have the ceremony in a state forest but we were a little worried about the weather so it was really lucky that we were able to book the bluestone chapel at Montsalvat.”


This Australian couple eloped with just their parent’s there as they wanted to keep things small and intimate. “The ceremony was short and sweet. Mitch made our copper ceremony arch which was really cool. I walked down the aisle to Lovecats by The Cure. Eloping locally with just our immediate families there is not something that everyone does, although we have since had some of our friends tell us what a great idea it was and that they would love to do something along the same lines!”


“I honestly have no complaints about planning the wedding experience. By not going the traditional route we didn’t have a whole lot to organise. My first step was finding my photographer, one of the first emails I sent out, I got a great vibe back from Sarah and locked her in. From there, Sarah put me in contact with our celebrant Katharine and it all fell in to place – although there was still a ton of late night Googling and Pinteresting for ideas!”


“Our biggest expense was the photography. Sarah is amazing. Her wonderful photos will be what we look back on for the rest of our lives, plus we have made a great friendship out of it too! Worth every cent and more. Most other aspects of the wedding saved money from our outfits to our venue. Eliminating a proper reception took out most of the cost as well.”


“We wouldn’t do a thing differently, we had a the absolute best day”, she concluded. “I am so proud of us and how far we have come to be able to ‘stick to our guns’ so to speak and go through with it. There were times throughout the months leading up to it, and just after where I would question if we had gone about this the right way, of course not wanting to offend anybody or hurt anyone’s feelings, but in the end it was about us and we wouldn’t change a single thing.”