A South London Bunny Love Shoot

Ellie Gillard Photography

May 19, 2013

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-21

It’s no secret that I have a ‘thing’ for ridiculous headwear, and my obsession with ears in particular is completely unfaltering! So I was thrilled when I saw this cute ‘bunny love’ photo shoot by South London based wedding photographer Ellie Gillard. This world needs more brides wearing ears that’s what I say. Why not be brave and do something quirky like this for your wedding day portraits… go on, I dare ya!

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-10

“I’ve wanted to pull together some form of styled shoot for a while”, wrote Ellie, ” something to showcase my work and something that had a different angle to the weddings I shoot. I wanted to shoot something where I could create my own story. I was also keen that, rather than just being a showcase for lots of lovely things, that there should be some kind of tangible emotion in the photos, so that real couples planning their wedding could see something in it.”

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-110

“For this reason it was really important to me that I picked a real couple, and Kat and Andrew fitted the bill perfectly. I wanted to put a spin on the concept of an elopement, or a simple at-home wedding, but that the couple were really cool and lived in a big white warehouse space. I always wanted to add an element of whimsy – hence the modern nods to a fairytale theme – the ears, the felled tree as a back drop, the natural earthy feast and the moth eaten flowers on the cake, set against that clean backdrop.”

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-95

“For the few bits of wedding related pretty I have featured; it was really important to try and showcase suppliers working in my corner of South London – so much is written about East London but Brixton, Peckham and other areas of South London are brimming with creativity, and a lot of the couples that book me seem to be from the same areas. I guess I wanted to keep it as local as possible and support these local businesses.”

Ellie Gillard photography - Bunny Love styled shoot-55