Skulls and Tattoos on Friday 13th: Nic & Dan


August 25, 2014


Nic and Dan were married on Friday 13th July at 13.00 at St John the Evangelist Church in Brigg. The day started with them both getting ’13’ tattoos and ended with a pub reception at The Exchange Coach House. Nic didn’t want a traditional dress, so she wore a black one lined with skull fabric! Skulls were a recurring theme throughout the day, and were also on her custom Converse,  their cake, and the DIY bunting that decorated the venue.


“It’s always been an aim of Dan to get a 13 tattoo on Friday the 13th so we decided that we would do this on our wedding day!” Nic began. “The two best men, and one of their wives also got ‘13’s to remember the day… as did our photographer Sassy! We also chose to meet at the pub for a pint before going to the church too. This was a very wise choice, I was really relaxed by the time I had to go and get married!”


“I spent hours making the wedding favours which were little poison bottles with Friday 13th related charms on them. I filled them with a mixture of cherry sours, black vodka and raspberry mickey finns. They really did go down a treat and everybody took a bottle home. It was worth the effort and didn’t cost much either!”


“The inspiration for our wedding was just to be ourselves. I was born to be Rock n Roll! I can’t remember ever being anything else. My parent’s listened to groups like AC/DC and Iron Maiden as I was growing up so I never really had much choice! I don’t feel that Rock n Roll these days as I have a family and house to look after, so the wedding was a great opportunity to show off who I still really am. It was an absolute perfect day! We both had an amazing time.”