Love & Reports From The Blogcademy, London

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February 6, 2013

inspiration by veronica dearly

I was more nervous than usual for The Blogcademy‘s London leg. Not only did we have two sold out classes to do (oh the added pressure!) but being on my own turf I really felt like it was little old me that had to make sure it delivered – like if it wasn’t as awesome as the New York event it would all be my fault. Oh and the weather decided to go all kinds of cray cray two days beforehand too. That’s always fun.

But I need not have worried. With my fellow headmistresses by my side and 60 eager bloggers waiting in the wings we had the best time ever! The English, Irish, Scottish & Welsh contingent all turned out in force and, yet again, we had many an international babe flying in especially for the occasion. Vienna, Estonia, Sweden, Canada and New York were all represented and they were eager to laugh and learn with us all weekend!

I could bang on and on about how amazing the two workshops were for an age, but honestly, our graduates did it so much better than I ever could. So instead, I’m handing the reigns over to them…


“Well I have to say that it was officially the greatest weekend I’ve ever experienced! I have never in all my days, felt so inspired or excited in my life. My head is jam packed with ideas, my notebook is full and my head is now covered in sparkly bows and bunny-ears”. Emma Rose Black

“Something inside has clicked. I’ve done B-School, I’ve read numerous books & listened to countless voices, but the bringing together of like minded souls is something really special. So for now I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the time, energy & love you put into The Blogcademy. It truly feels like a gift that will keep on giving and one that will enable me to grow and pass on the gifts I have for the benefit of others.” Jayne Rusby


“When I initially booked in for my Blogcadet training, I was concerned about the cost – but I left utterly satisfied, and genuinely convinced that the time, effort and sheer volume of actual applicable, real-world advice that you packed into our little London jaunt was worth its weight in gold. The result: I feel so well-equipped with the guidance I need to take my blog to lofty, Eiffel Tower-ish heights, and invigorated and energized to get my butt into gear and do it!” Caroline Gallatly

“Just being in the same room as Gala, Kat and Shauna makes you feel like you can do anything.” Emily Fisher

“I don’t think I learnt as much in a year at Uni as I did from The Blogcademy girls in two days. That’s where I think The Blogcademy really shines, we were given real life scenarios and case studies and things were explained in perfect detail. It is blatantly obvious that the three lovely teachers know what they are talking about because they have lived and breathed it for years.” Stephanie Hind


“Words like fabulous, inspirational, glittery, engaging and epic are all accurate descriptions of The Blogcademy but they do not come close to describing the life changing experience that came in the turquoise packaging.” Georgina Webb

“Being a bit of a natural cynic, I was a little worried about spending a not-insubstantial chunk of money on a two day course. I need not have feared. This was, and I’m not exaggerating, the best money I have ever spent – an investment in my blog, yes, but much more importantly, in myself.” Lucy Loves


“I didn’t realise just how much I learned until I found myself slipping advice learned from The Blogcademy into everyday conversations that didn’t have anything to do with blogging. I’m totally going to be ‘that girl’ who keeps talking about ‘this one time at The Blogcademy’…” Xandra Burns

“I would love to tell all the bloggers out there who are writing in any other language than English that The Blogcademy´s awesomeness totally translates and that there is so much to learn, regardless of one’s language.” Julia Safronova

“Don’t be fooled by the pink sparkles and bunny ears, there’s nothing frivolous about The Blogcademy. Real business advice from three successful professional women who are doing it their way… in fabulous shoes.” Scarlett Nymph


My natural British coyness about blowing my own trumpet is making me blush, but if you’d like to read even more about what graduates thought of the workshop, be sure to check out their own blog posts below:

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A couple of girls even made cute video blog responses!

And Veronica did these amazing illustrations!

if its important talk yourself up good blogging

Aaaah our graduates (or Blogcadets as they’re now calling themselves – aww!) are definitely the cutest, spunkiest and most passionate guys and girls around. What a talented bunch of babes. I am so excited to see where they take their blogs and businesses in future. We’ve all been keeping in touch through our private graduates forum and it’s already so inspiring to see them make so many positive changes!

London 1 (Class Two):


London 2 (Class Three):

group shot 3 emily quinton

Photography: Emily Quinton

Love and thanks from the bottom of my heart to all our amazing sponsors (the full lot of ’em are listed below the gallery). The goodie bags were, yet again, dubbed ‘the best goodie bags ever!’ by many a graduate and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We love you all!


Branded tote bag from Awesome Merchandise 


Rings from by Finest ImaginaryThimble & Fred & Pugly Pixel, custom iPhone case from Awesome Merchandise, Moleskin from Finest Imaginary, Sparkly hair bow from Crown & Glory, custom workbook, glitter collar from Alexandra King, eye shadow from Sugarpill, shoe clips from Headful of Feathers & a CD of Photoshop actions from Lisa Devlin.


Cupcake deliciousness from Restoration Cake

We also had decor items from The Tea Set and Peach Blossom, flowers from Hayford & Rhodes and coffee cozies from Twinkie Chan. Again, thank you everyone!

I know it sounds sop-tastic, but I do feel like I’ve just made 60 new blogging comrades. We’re like an ever-growing Blogcademy army. Won’t you join us too? Tickets for the Portland (March 30th & 31st) & Los Angeles (April 6th & 7th) Blogcademys are on sale now. Visit for more information or to book your spot.