Sixty Students, Four Days & Three Very Tired But Happy Headmistresses Later…

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September 23, 2013

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It’s hard to believe that in just under a year The Blogcademy has taught over 300 women (and a few token men!) about blogging and how they can conquer their corner of the internet. When we first launched the workshop we thought we’d meet some people, teach them some stuff and that would be about it. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine just what an impact attending this two day class would have on the attendees lives… and ours!

“I had spoken to past attendees who raved about it BUT nothing quite prepared me how amazing the classes would be, the epic people I would meet, the rush of euphoria I would feel afterwards (it’s still going) and the self-belief it would instil in me that ANYTHING is possible!!!” Helen, Gwen’s Bridal Bazaar

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It sounds cheesy as hell but I mean it when I say The Blogcademy is so much more than just a workshop. We spend two days together, laughing and learning as we go, but it’s what happens after class that is really amazing. Bursting out of each class comes an army of passionate, driven bloggers who help and support each other way past those two short days. The secret graduates forum is something we created just in case students would like to connect with each other outside the classroom, but’s it’s become a life unto itself – a bustling place of love, support, advice and sharing. Many of our students continue to meet up with each other regularly and it’s so thrilling to see what they’re all achieving – together.

“Hanging out with so many other creative women in a positive and encouraging environment was really inspiring. I wish I could bottle the feeling and open whenever I need a boost – it was magic. That feeling is probably one of the main things I will take away from The Blogcademy. One of the quotes that I noted at the time was ‘surround yourself with talented people you trust’ – and it still stands out to me as one of the most valuable snippets from the event and very reflective of The Blogcademy in general.” Lynsay, Miss West End Girl

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This month we held two back-to-back classes in London. People said we were crazy to do four straight days of teaching and although we were slightly apprehensive (would we be able to do it? Would we all lose our voices? Would we end up in a crumpled heap at the end of it all?) I’m so glad that we did. We flew back from Greece on the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning we were up at 6am raring to go!

Yes, it was exhausting but meeting 60 passionate bloggers and business owners really is the best medicine for getting you out of any work-induced slump. I got back to my office last week brimming with ideas for new content and projects and I know I have those guys to thank for it.

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“After feeling a little unsure about a decision to change direction with my subject matter and blog, I signed up for a weekend of sparkly-eared silliness combined with badass business and blogging lessons – and that’s exactly what I got. The Blogcademy headmistresses are each invaluable resources in their own right, with their unique perspectives and experience. Kat is the pink-haired queen of the wedding blogging world with a no-nonsense approach and business brains that will make you want to go home and dye your hair pink, just in case that’s where she gets her secret superpowers. Shauna is the design guru with an eye for all things digital and an unrivalled knowledge of branding. Gala is a fabulous New York fashion and feel-good blogger with a big smile, a big heart and a wealth of knowledge she’s willing to share. Together, the three of them have an easy and entertaining rapport that makes you instantly want to join the gang, but also lets them effortlessly share their wisdom as a triple-act without missing a beat between them.” Sara, Under the Vintage Veil

As ever London brought it… and then some! We also had some truly incredible sponsors on board who really did make this class come alive. The goodie bags alone were fit to bursting with sparkly, pretty, kooky and useful gifts. Those lucky babes!

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The gorgeous chevron teal bows were provided by AlternateNormality who also attended the weekend class. I actually featured her comic book and superhero wedding last November so I knew she was going to be hella cool even before we met!

Alexa Loy

Love & Lovelier Ceramics made us these ‘Tweet’ ceramic heart brooches. I think they’ll be a cute reminder for our Blogcadettes to tweet often!

Alexa Loy

The believe, faith, love and hope bracelets were from Junk Jewels. These went down a storm with everyone putting them on right away and rocking throughout the two days. Gala, Shauna and I all nabbed a believe bracelet each – a reminder that if we believe in ourselves that anything is possible! I’m still wearing mine and don’t plan to take it off any time soon.

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Likewise for the sparkly star necklaces by Headfull of Feathers. Designer Jen sent a few different colourways and a bunch of girls even had matched their day two outfits to them!

Alexa Loy

The perfectly on-brand tie-up head scarves were from Remixed by Jackie (so adorbs!)

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You just know a Blogcademy isn’t a Blogcademy without sparkly ears from Crown and Glory. I love how even the boys get into the spirit!

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Everyone was delighted to receive a copy of Reeta Krishna’s WordPress For Beginners book. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the most tech savvy blogger around and this book is worth it’s weight in gold. It’s bursting with WordPress tricks and tips that even the most technophobic blogger babe can understand and implement.

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Andrew from the Old Fashioned Sweet Cart sent over some retro sweets for the weekday class, and on Sunday actually came along with his pink striped cart and dished out candy all afternoon. What could be more perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up?

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Wildabout provided intensely beautiful flower arrangements. Having colourful blooms this time really did bring the space to life (and made for some awesome photo ops!)

The utterly brilliant signs, enormous picture frame and gorgeous branded décor items were by Scene Setter. Tom and Marsha rocked up on day one with a van load of these goodies. We couldn’t believe our luck!

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It was Gala and Shauna’s birthdays a few days after class, so I arranged for a cake to be delivered by Restoration Cake on Sunday afternoon.


The photos from class one were taken by Alexa Loy and David McNeil took care of class two. Alexa even convinced Gala and me to climb up a very rickety old wooden ladder to the skylight at the top of the studio to go on the roof and take some post-workshop shots. It was scary as hell but totally worth it for these photos!

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Oh don’t mind me, just hanging out on a rooftop

Alexa Loy

I utterly adored every single one of these weekday babes!


And these colourful weekend wonders!

Finally I have to share some love for Sophie and her boyfriend Gareth who were our trusted assistants for both classes. They fetched, carried, hung and organised like true champs. We really couldn’t have done this without them. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

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You’d think two back-to-back classes would be enough for anybody, but not us! On Monday we arranged a lunch meet up for some of our past students. It was so exciting to see them again and hear what they’ve been doing since class.

What a colourful bunch we are!

The Blogcademy London Reunion 001

Photography: Devlin Photos

Can you believe that the 2013 world tour is nearly over (sad face)? We only have Australia and New Zealand to go and then that’s it! The Brisbane and first Melbourne class are actually already sold out but we have 2 little spots left for our second Melbourne date and just 10 for Auckland.

And before you ask, yes we will be announcing our 2014 world tour really soon! We’re currently battling out location options, but to make sure your city considered, go ahead and sign up to our mailing list.

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You too could be this excited to graduate!

Oh London I do love you. Thank you to everyone for making these workshops so damn incredible. We’ll certainly be back next year!

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