The Blogcademy London is Here!

January 19, 2013

blogcademy london girls together

Even though I’ve been to London a squillion times, there’s something very different about being in the city with some friends who are seeing it all for the first time. Freaking out over old fashioned phone boxes, fumbling with our colourful currency and taking a trip to the shoe shopping mecca that is Selfridges. I also think Shauna nearly died and went to heaven walking into the Liberty stationery section.

The snow may be falling but we are so bloomin’ excited for the first London Blogcademy this weekend. We have our woolly hats packed and our (semi) sensible shoes ready to go! But we couldn’t forget about you, dear blog reader. Gala shot this footage on her phone as we set up at the studios yesterday. Isn’t the space beautiful?

I can’t wait to meet our first 30 London undergraduates today and to talk about my favourite subject all-weekend-long!

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blogcademy london

Toodlepip snowbunnies!