A Blogcademy Brouhaha

January 23, 2013

the blogcademy london class 1

No sooner had we wrapped the first London Blogcademy, than Gala, Shauna & I were ferociously planning for the weekday instalment. We’re kicking off our second event today and we couldn’t be more excited! Reworking the presentation, tweaking our delivery and coming up with brand new ideas, we are adamant to make every session even better than the last. In fact we spent most of our ‘day off’ (i,e. day of shopping) stopping every five minutes to brainstorm. Gala scrawled musings on her Wagamama place mat and I sent Shauna more jam-packed emails full of notes than I think she really expected.

the blogcademy london class 1 2

the blogcademy london class 1 3

the blogcademy london class 1 4

We all braved the freak London snow storm but the weekend was everything we hoped for and more. Thank you to all 30 of you for making (and surviving!) the trip.

But today is another day and we can’t wait to do it all over again with another 30 more of you little snow bunnies. Wrap up warm, The Blogcademy is comin’ at ya!

blogcademy london weekend1

blogcademy london weekend2

blogcademy london weekend3

blogcademy london weekend4

blogcademy london weekend6

blogcademy london weekend7

If you fancy casting your beady eye over more photos from the first London Blogcademy, check out our faves from the weekend on Gala’s Flickr stream. Let’s do this (all over again) London!

If you’d like to sign up for either of our next events which are taking place in Portland and LA you can also do so right here!

Photography (except instagram shots): Shell De Mar Photography