Iconic London Landmarks & a Truly Epic Wedding Dress: Jolyon & Kate

Maria De Faci

January 7, 2013


It’s a pretty good indication that a wedding is 100% awesome when I sneak peek a shot of it on my facebook page and it gets nearly 400 likes! That’s exactly what happened with Jolyon & Kate’s wedding and I’m pretty sure it was down to one thing… Kate’s epic wedding dress!

In fact the wedding itself was quite low key. The couple were married in London with just immediate family around them but that didn’t stop this bride going all out with her bridal style! She actually designed the dress herself with the help of a dress maker friend who helped bring her ideas to life.


“I thought that choosing a wedding dress would be the easiest part of our wedding preparation”, explained Kate. “I tried on many beautiful dresses, but none of them really made me feel like I imagined I should feel on my wedding day. So I just decided to design my own. My family took some convincing that it was the right choice and sometimes I even doubted myself. But on the day the dress was perfect.”

“My first view of Kate and her dress was when she walked into the ceremony room”, Jolyon  took over. “When I saw her standing there my heart melted. She smiled and her every movement and expression just captured our love perfectly. The wedding was with immediate family only, but even with such a small audience the simple yet beautiful ceremony was everything we had hoped for. After the ceremony, our first adventure as husband and wife began.”


The couple forgot the traditional reception idea, instead opting for a photo shoot around their favourite London landmarks and an intimate picnic in Regents Park.

“We wanted to make our wedding day magical and memorable but not tied to tradition”, Kate wrote. “We had seen how some people’s weddings can become so stressful for everyone involved and where the couples rarely have time to truly enjoy their day. We were determined not to let this happen, and to remember that this day was for us!”

“We decided on a registry office wedding in Westminster to be followed by a family picnic in Regents Park and then just the two of us and our photographer went on a whirlwind tour of London! We wanted to keep it simple, stress-free and most of all fun. We chose Regent’s Park for the picnic because that’s where Jolyon proposed.”


“Our love of London was the theme behind our wedding day adventures”, Jolyon concluded. “We wanted to spend our day in London and with everything that makes London great – taxis, tourists, seeing the sights and sailing on the Thames. And London made us proud. All taxis beeped their congratulations as we walked past. We must have appeared in ten thousand tourists’ holiday photo albums, and young kids pointed and told their parents ‘look! It’s Cinderella’ as my beautiful wife walked by. We already had the congratulations and best wishes of our families, but now we had the whole city wishing us the best for our future.”

“We had a picnic with beautiful handmade cupcakes next to the swans in Regents park. We rode the riverboat waving flags as we passed tower bridge. We released Chinese lanterns next to the Greenwich observatory as dusk fell. We did not stop moving the whole day but despite the millions of people around us, this was still a day about just two people. We enjoyed starting our new life together in the city we love.”


Stunning and iconic! Thank you to Jolyon & Kate and their wedding photographer Maria De Faci for sharing with us today.