2012, The Year That Was {Part Two: July – December}

December 28, 2012

kat & gala (222)

Photography Credit: Made U Look Photography

If anything, the second part of 2012 was even more insane than the first. So much happened in these six short months – it’s pretty crazy!


July saw another Photography Farm. Our models this time were my gorgeous sister Rachel and her boyfriend Jamie. Aww so damn beautiful. I think this was my Farm shoot of the year.

We also finally, FINALLY (!) released issue two of the Rock n Roll Bride print magazine! This was SUCH a labour of love and I was so relieved to get it out… FINALLY! (did I say finally enough?)

♥ Wedding of the Month: A Maryland farm wedding


Photography Credit: Lydia Jane

♥ Notable Highlights:

Star Wars, video games & a geek chic themed wedding

A village hall, DIY & a beautiful bride with dreadlocks

Pink & leopard print themed DIY wedding

♥ Green Room greats:

Why you should be selfish

Facebook tips for wedding suppliers

Let’s be frenemies


We hosted TWO School of Rock workshops this month – both in Brighton – and Gala, Shauna & I launched The Blogcademy! The first NYC event sold out in less than a week and we were over the flippin’ moon.

♥ Wedding of the Month: Laid back vintage inspired East London wedding


Photography Credit: Robbins Photographic

♥ Notable Highlights:

Retro Disney wedding inspiration

An elegant fashion-inspired South African wedding

A mountain lodge wedding with the ceremony in the middle of a lake

The story behind the flying wedding dress

♥ Green Room greats:

Dealing with stress

Tough love and advice for struggling bloggers

Image use, correct crediting & the minefield that is image copyright for bloggers


Gareth & I attended a cupcake decorating class with Restoration Cake and Gareth stole the show with his skills! Does that boy’s talents know no end? Lisa and I also attended the launch of the Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland exhibition.

It was also time for another Photography Farm. We dressed Elbie up as a cupcake and Lisa Jane & Alex stepped back in time with some retro styling… oh and a dinosaur costume… OF COURSE.

We also had a three day long Farm ‘retreat’ where some of the old farmers and I went back to hang out, drink cocktails, swim in the pool and decompress after a manic Summer season.

♥ Wedding of the Month: A very non wedding (this was definitely the most viewed ‘wedding’ of the year and the response was insane!)


Photography Credit: Blush Photography

♥ Notable Highlights:

A homespun wedding with a cake made of steel!

Crazy cool Bali wedding

Backyard rainbow wedding

DIY village hall wedding & a bride who designed her own dress

♥ Green Room greats:

Collaborations that work & building a strong team

Sassy & Eliza asked, is blogging right for me and my business?

Obsession (and the most embarrassing blog post I’ve ever written)


Time for the first Blogcademy! Lisa & I flew to New York and had many many adventures. River cruises, photo shoots, shopping sprees & hanging out with other bloggers. We had so much fun on this trip and I definitely didn’t want to come home.

Oh and of course The Blogcademy was epic.

I guest spoke at Chris Barber’s workshop and he photographed me in a shopping trolley. Standard. Gareth fell over and it was captured on video forever.

I was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine in their article on tattooed brides and I helped to judge the Bridal Next! awards. Phew!

♥ Wedding of the Month: The photographer who captured the milky way


Photography Credit: Lakshal Perera

♥ Notable Highlights:

Colourful multi-cultural wedding

Movie themed wedding

Don’t tell the bride – the real story of Mike & Becky’s wrestling wedding

♥ Green Room greats:


5 lessons learnt by bunking off work

Creating a fool-proof system for just about everything


I attended the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza and had a great day meeting so many readers and suppliers!

Things finally started to slow down in November but Gala, Shauna & I ramped up the organising for the next Blogcademy. We decided on London and it sold out within 24 hours so we launched a second London date which is well on the way to doing the same. Ahhh I can’t wait – roll on January!

♥ Wedding of the Month: Comic book and superhero wedding


Photography Credit: FC Photography

♥ Notable Highlights:

Dirty fabulous circus wedding

Tattoo Britannia wedding

A low key wedding for just £600

Surprise pool party wedding recreation

♥ Green Room greats:

Lisa encouraged you to pick yourself up and try again

The Treadmill

8 skills you need when running your own business 


December was relativity chilled. Catching up on work, getting things in order and generally getting excited for 2013! Phew what a year… can we do it all over again?

♥ Wedding of the Month: Tattoos & Toadstools


Photography Credit: Assassynation

♥ Notable Highlights: 

Hurricane Sandy wedding

Rock n Roll concert wedding

Ethical wedding at home

Star Wars & Lego wedding

♥ Green Room greats:

6 ways to stop procrastinating and ACTUALLY get things done

Beat the bullies

Achievements & pride

So there we have it, what a year huh!? Thank you to everyone who’s read the blog, submitted weddings and supported me along the way. I am forever in your debt. I’ll be back to my usual blogging schedule on Wednesday 2nd January, but until then I’ll be putting my feet up and eating one too many mince pies (just kidding, they’re pretty gross but pass me the cheese won’t you..?)

See you all in 2013!