A Mountain Lodge Wedding with the Ceremony in the Middle of a Lake: Jane & Jesse

When Jane & Jessie started planning their wedding they knew exactly where (in the country) they wanted to be, they just had to find the perfect venue. After a long search they found The Hideout, near Lake Tahoe, which was the perfect place for their laid back June wedding.

“We searched long and hard to find a venue in Sierra because we’ve both spent a lot of time there and just love it, and identify with it in a way you can with your hometown (though neither of us have lived there, just visited frequently)”, began the bride. “Anyhow, we wanted a venue up the mountains with natural surroundings. There are plenty of venues near Lake Tahoe that are very much ‘manicured wedding venues’ but that’s not what we wanted. They come with lots of rules about noise and how late you can party, etc. It was a long search to find The Hideout and we were ecstatic when we found it. It was better than we had expected from the pictures – including the little lake. Also they had no noise restrictions and very few rules which meant we could pretty much do what we wanted and party as long as we liked.”

“Our venue and it’s owners were so awesome. Talk about DIY… they built the large lodge and accompanying saloon from trees logged from the land themselves. The lodge is basically a giant log cabin. They were also there the whole weekend to help out. It kind of fits in with how our wedding came together, which is with lots of friends and family pitching in to help out.”

The ceremony was held on the lake in the middle of the venue… yes on the lake. Jane & Jesse rode paddleboards out to a rock in the middle of the water while their guests watched from the lakeside and the hot tub! “The owners told us they’d had someone who had a ceremony on the rock in the middle of the lake before (when there was too much snow to do it on the grass) and after that we really just got hooked on the idea. We never were that into the traditional walking down the aisle thing anyway, and we love to be adventurous. They had a canoe, but I thought it might be difficult to climb out of a canoe in a dress, and one day I came up with the idea the paddleboards. I’d done it once before, and they’re pretty stable, so I figured we could do it. So we pretty much built the ceremony around that. Incidentally, the paddleboards also ended up providing several hours of entertainment the day after the wedding, when many of the guests returned for brunch, and then we finished the keg off during a series of paddleboard and canoe races!”

The bride’s great uncle Abe officiated the ceremony. “He was definitely nervous about getting onto the rock with the rings in his pocket (he was paddled out in the canoe by Tom, the Hideout’s owner), but he did great – especially considering he’s 82!” laughed the bride. “I guess I would just say that we had the ceremony out there beca