A Sunday Kind of Love: Looking Forward

Seeing double? Photo nicked from Alexa Kent’s Instragram

On Friday Gareth & I packed up the car (again!) and drove down to Brighton (again!) for another School of Rock blogging workshop. The event was fabulous, my class were ace, and the whole thing left me with a warm n fuzzy feeling inside. As we drove away that night (slightly topped up with the celebratory after-workshop-wines – don’t worry Gareth was driving!) I turned to him and gushed away about how incredibly blessed I feel. Like, how is this my life? As someone who tentatively dipped her little toe into the blogosphere all those years ago, I can’t quite believe that people now line up to come and hear me speak about my journey. Like seriously… this is nutso. Even Darren Rowse of Problogger is singing my praises. Yeah no big deal or anything…

The ‘R’ keychains that the School of Rock students have taken home, made by the super fabulous Finest Imaginary

But anyway, today I just wanted to drop by and leave an almighty THANK YOU to everyone who’s attended a School of Rock workshop over the past year. I’m definitely still learning and improving each time I do them, especially with feeling more confident about the whole public speaking thing… and I owe that all to the wonderful people who’ve attended the events. You rock my world… lets hang out, make each other friendship bracelets and plait each other’s hair really soon.

A neon pink handbag – I wonder who’s that could be?!

I’ve had so many people tweet and email me over the past week or so asking when the next event is that I wanted to pull this blog post together to explain the plans (there’s only so much information you give in 140 characters!)

For the forseeable future the School of Rock is on hold (waaaaah!) No no don’t worry, we’re not cancelling them forever, but we’ve just got so much mental stuff going on over the next few months that they’re going to have to take a back seat for a while. Realistically I don’t think the next event will be any sooner than January. Right now I’m focusing my energy on preparing for The Blogcademy with Gala & Nubby and making plans on how to take it to the next level – and all over the world!

The first one is already sold out and I’m not sure if I’m really supposed to share this yet (so shhh!) but after we’re done in New York City, we plan to hop in our neon pink private jet and take it anywhere and everywhere that will have us. What could be more exciting that traveling the world with your friends and talking about your favourite subject ever?! I LITERALLY CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING.

So where to next? Well we’re actually not quite sure yet, but if you’d like to influence us, please sign up to our mailing list and let us know what city you’re in (hint – if you’re in the UK pleeease sign up, I wanna get those girls over to London so BAD!)

OK I’m officially rambling far too much for a snoozy Sunday morning. Have a great rest of your weekend guys and I’ll see you soon. Must dash, I’m off to The Photography Farmers Retreat tomorrow – will report back soon!


  1. Ah, feeling the Sunday love. Thank you so much for the awesome School of Rock workshop on Friday. I’m so glad you chose to do a second date in Brighton. Have a lovely time at the retreat. Still jealous. X

  2. Thanks again for holding a second Brighton workshop!! Twas so much fun, my only regret is i didn’t get the chance to get a bit smashed with you guys afterwards 🙂

  3. Thank you so much, Kat, for sharing your time and insights on Friday – I really enjoyed it, met some great people and learnt a lot. You have a true gift in bringing together people and sparking their creativity – your workshop was kind of like the touch paper.
    Good luck for NY Blogcademy. Go set the world on pinky-flamed fire!

  4. Yay! I had such a good time – my jaw was aching on the way home from all the chatting! I’m already planning a project with one of the lovely people I met! Thanks Kat & please bring the Blogcademy to the UK!

  5. Thanks Kat for a Fabulous day! I am still buzzing and am so grateful to have met so many amazing people. Thank goodness you organised a second workshop!

  6. Ah yes definitely London next please!

    Friday was so brilliant, I blame you entirely for not being able to sleep for 2 hours with so many ideas and so much excitement running through my brain. It was wonderful to get into a room full of other wedding obsessed people and to hear your wise words of wisdom.

    You are a fabulous pink shiny person, thank you x

  7. Is this where we get to chime in and beg for you three to visit our little part of the world? If so, I vote Seattle, Washington! Or Portland, Oregon! Or at least somewhere on the west coast… I’m sure I could justify a ticket to California if necessary. =) But really, Seattle is a great place for a workshop! 😉


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