A Sunday Kind of Love: Pictures of You…

It’s been such an exciting week, not least of all because the photos of you lot with your Rock n Roll Bride magazines have been coming in thick and fast! I know not everyone will have got their’s yet (we’re packing and shipping every single one ourselves – eeek – we are getting through the orders as fast as we can) but my inbox and twitter stream have been awash with Rock n Roll awesomeness all week! Keep your photos coming in, I’ll share some more of them over the coming weeks. Here are some of my favourites from the last 7 days…

PS. If you haven’t nabbed your copy yet, you can still grab one!

You guys are the best. It seems dogs, cats and kids love me the most! I’m cracking up over Jo’s fiancé, James, doing his best impression of the cover shot and huge kudos to Jane (remember her of the epic Terry Fox dress/star wars/gamer wedding?) for donning her amazing frock again to get her photo. I LOVE YOU!

As I said, keep those photos coming in. I’m never gonna get bored of seeing my magazine snapped all over the world. I’ll do another post with your photos in soon! Eeeeek.


  1. Brilliant stuff! Loving all of the pics. The cat one on the table is genius and there is some excellent pouting going on. My little niece made the blog in her pink mickey mouse frock too, lovely stuff. xx

  2. Amber

    I am still waiting for my issue. Fingers crossed that I get it tomorrow. (It takes longer to get across the ocean :] ) As soon as I get it I will be sending my pic in.

  3. Jane

    Loving the awesome photos! 🙂
    Quasar, one of our cats, was hiding under my dress when we took the photo. It took ages to get him out without damaging me or the dress!

  4. JoJo

    Bah ha ha ha haaaa! Love the fact you included James on there, he’ll be so chuffed! 😀 xxx


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