It’s Finally Here! Issue 2 of Rock n Roll Bride Print Magazine Available Now!

It’s here! It’s finally here! To say creating issue 2 of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine has been a labour of love would be an understatement of epic proportions. When Gareth & I made the decision late last year to create a second edition of the magazine after the unanticipated appreciation over issue 1 (which was initially conceived to just be a free handout at a wedding show), not in a million years did we think it would take so long… and take so much out of us. Dear God, I have a new found respect for everyone who works in the print industry. I won’t bore you with the trials and tribulations we’ve had along the way, but rest assured that magazines are hard work. But when 50-odd boxes of something we created were delivered to our house on Friday, it all suddenly felt worth it. I have never been so proud!

The result is six months worth of blood, sweat and many, many tears. I’m not gonna lie, there were moments when I just wanted to throw in the towel and there were moments I thought we’d never get here. Words can’t describe the debt of gratitude I owe my long suffering graphic designer, Nubby Twiglet, who took my words and ideas and crafted them into something so beautiful. And to Gareth who negotiated his way through print orders, proof sheets and proof reading over and over and over. He’s also chief magazine packer and shipper – ie vital to this operation!

The result is an 82 page, silk finished magazine on thick luxurious paper stock. Entirely free of advertising, every page is dedicated to Rock n Roll wedding awesomeness. From some of my all time favourite real weddings to the most popular DIY tutorials and wedding planning tips and ideas. The magazine is my love letter to this blog and my gift to you. Highly collectible and an epic memento to the past 12 months of Rock n Roll Bride, I hope you’ll treasure yours forever. If you were lucky enough to get your mitts on a copy of the limited edition issue 1, prepare to be amazed, issue 2 blows it out of the water!

This limited edition magazine is on sale exclusively through Rock n Roll Bride priced at just £14.99 including FREE worldwide delivery. Whether you’re in Australia or Antarctica, the US or the UK, the magazine will wing it’s way to you for no extra cost. HURRAH.

I am also crazy excited about the spine. How legit does that make us?! FANCY PANTS.

To purchase your copy simple visit the Magazine Store. Bloody hell, I’m literally so excited about this I might just scream. I really hope you love it as much as we do.

So… now what? Er… issue 3? Maybe some sleep first…


  1. Ok, maybe i’m stupid, but I just bought the magazine, even if I’m not getting married (yet!). I love so much the first issue and the blog that I must have it again!
    Cheers from France!

  2. Just ordered mine. It looks delicious… Love the photos you have taken of them Kat. Looking forward to when it lands on my doormat 🙂

  3. will definitely treasure it as much i treasure knowing you, Kat! totally proud of how amazing you are! weeeeeeeeeh! Mr Postman hurryyyyy! *but really,l’ll patiently wait!* hehe

  4. lindsey

    just ordered my copy *squeee* so excited! congratulation on issue 2! i only wish i’d known about issue 1 🙁

  5. Post author

    deerdonna – nope issue 1 is DEAD. you dont want it anyway, issue 2 is soooooooooooooooooooo much better! :-p

  6. Anita Smith

    Just got back from my fabulous hen weekend in Bath, got back to work, logged on and your magazine is out! Yippee! Hope it comes by Friday as I am off to Mallorca and it’s my essential holiday read! Thank you Kat xxxx

  7. terri cheshire

    Got mine! bit obessive as I am a keen bride in waiting BUT I think that there are quite a few ideas etc that can be used in other areas.
    I love your blog as not only do I get my guilty pleasure bride hit as it has introduced me to so many other online treats. I now love making poms poms, make my own invites wherever I can using borrowed DIY wedding templates and i also follow some other bloggers that i won’t have know about if it weren’t for you!!
    Big love obvs!

  8. Just ordered a copy for my daughter who is getting married in October. Your blog has provided her with so much inspiration – we are both big fans. We’re making loads of our own things to hopefully bring some originality to her special day.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. Marie-Claire

    Kat I think deerdonna meant that you seemed to not have ordered many issue 1 mags so you ran out quickly. She is hoping you had more copies than last time 🙂

  10. Post author

    Marie-Claire – ooh yeah whoops read that wrong. TIRED FACE! yes we have more copies this time. Issue 1 was an experiment really issue 2 is the real deal!

  11. Katrina

    I was really looking forward to ordering mine, but I just can’t justify that kind of money. I’m gutted 🙁

  12. I have seen it and it’s more like an Art Book than a conventional magazine. The images look amazing in print and there is lots of yummy ad free content. So excited!

  13. Post author

    its kinda is yeah lisa, we’ve gone for super thick amazing paper and lots of yummy image heavy layouts. i really cant wait for everyone to see it. i literally gasped out loud when i saw it in real life and i’ve seen the proofs on my computer screen over and over!

  14. So excited to see it! I was online at 9am & ordered straight away 🙂 will be watching the post box like a hawk now! Will you re-run issue one I’d love to have a growing collection! x

  15. Got it! All $24.50 of it in US buckaroos! Love the site…can’t wait to get my grubby bridal hands on this beauty! I have a makeup trial coming up next week so I don’t think it’ll be here that fast but I can cross my fingers!

  16. Megs

    Is it just me who thinks £15 is extortionate? To me, that’s the price of several actual books in a bookshop/on Amazon. I’m sure it’s lovely and pretty and well-made and ad-free and I’d be just as excited as the next person to receive it in the shiny pink post…… but I could never justify that kind of money. But hey, this is the wedding industry, so I am sure lots of people will pay that much. I’m just sad it’s too expensive for me.

  17. Single

    I’m not even in a relationship, never mind getting married!! Naughty guilty pleasure purchase of my year! So excited I dunked my hair in my wine while I whizzed through the paypal screens!


  18. Nettie

    Ordered and excited to get my mitts on it! I’m so glad there are other single ladies getting this, makes me less odd!

    And yes, £15 is no small amount of money. But its not as if these will be mass produced, in your local Tesco or out every week or month, or even necessarily more than once a year.
    If it was slightly reformatted, it could probably be described as a “real” book. And said book would be subject to p&p.

  19. Post author

    I hope you like it Nettie! maybe we should have branded it as a art book as when you’ll get it you’ll see where the cost went…and oh boy who knew paper was so expensive! When I say we went for high quality paper I really mean it. Its like no other magazine on the newsstands! Just you wait 🙂

  20. Emma-Rose

    Hi There, I ordered mine too! It worked out at almost €20 for me, I did think that this was too expensive for a magazine but from your description it sounds more like an art book. I was disappointed at the high price tag and thought twice about buying it, but at the same time I am really looking forward to seeing it as I’ve looked at a LOT of other magazines / blogs / websites and cant find anything that remotely relates to me as a bride! On that note, Kat do you think you could shine a spot light on any wedding suppliers / photographers etc in Ireland? It would be greatly appreciated from your Irish followers! Your a (rock) star!

  21. Kalosine

    Thought I’d delurk and say congratulations Kat to yourself, Gareth and Nubby. It looks amazing and its clear to see that a lot of work has gone into the magazine. I recently ordered a copy and am looking forward to its arrival!

  22. Post author

    thanks michelle! i love the bow (i nicked it from Gala for the shoot!) You’re credited inside the magazine for it too!


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