Issue Three

Of all the projects and various off-shoots that I've taken on, none of them are as close to my heart as the print magazine. What started life as a 14 page brochure to hand out at a wedding show has now become an annually produced 84 page beast and a massive part of Rock n Roll Bride. In interviews, it's always the first thing people want to know about - How did it come about? What's inside? Where do I find the time to do it?

But this magazine has never been about me, it's all about you and helping you to plan a wedding that truly encompasses you and your partner. From the pretty to the practical, the crazy to the creative, wedding planning can be a scary and daunting time. That's why I wanted to produce something that is not only crammed with gorgeous, alternative inspiration and wedding planning advice but is something that you can keep and refer back to again and again.

This year's bumper edition boasts 84 pages of 100% exclusive content. Nothing inside has been shared anywhere online. There are five utterly gorgeous real weddings, a 14 page fashion editorial spread illustrating how you can have a beautiful and alternative wedding on a tiny budget, and three amazing but super simple (enough that even I could do them!) DIY tutorials contributed by some of the most creative babes in the business. Get ready to get your craft on!

Alongside all the pretty images and inspiration, this magazine is also overflowing with the advice I wish I'd heard when planning my own wedding. I've written a step by step action plan laying out the first things you need to do when you get engaged and an idiot-proof guide to choosing your perfect wedding suppliers. There's an article that bulldozes through the crap that the wedding industry spouts about how brides 'should' look on their wedding day (and believe me, I haven't held back!) and I share the best thing Gareth and I did before we walked down the aisle to really help nurture our relationship.

So here it is, issue three. This latest volume is, by far, my favourite yet. While I may call it a magazine, it's been more like writing a book except we've had to organise the imagery, design, printing and shipping as well. Fun times!

Printed on high quality, thick (170 GSM for you paper geeks), silk finished paper stock, the magazine is also completely advertisement free.

I owe a massive debt of gratitude to my incredible graphic designer, Shauna Haider. She took my words and ideas and crafted them into something more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. If you thought I'd put a lot of effort into this, times it by 100 and you might be getting close to how hard she's worked. She actually launched her own design agency, Branch, just yesterday and I'm so damn proud to call her my designer.

Also, to Lisa Devlin who shot the cover and Bianca Alexis who retouched the image for print-perfection, I love you guys! Finally to my long-suffering husband, Gareth, who negotiated his way through print orders, test prints and proof reading every single word over and over and over again.

The limited edition magazine (just like the previous issues, once they're gone they're gone!) is on sale exclusively through Rock n Roll Bride priced at just £14.99 including FREE worldwide delivery. Whether you're in Australia or Antarctica, the US or the UK, the magazine will wing it's way to you for one simple, flat price.

Issue 3 (2014) is now sold out!

Now please excuse me, I'm off to catch up on some sleep...