Rock n Roll Bride - The ultimate guide for alternative brides

Issue 02 - Summer 2012

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From some of my all time favourite real weddings to the most popular DIY tutorials and wedding planning tips and ideas, Rock n Roll Bride magazine is my love letter to this blog, and my gift to you. Highly collectible, and an epic memento to the past 12 months of Rock n Roll Bride, I hope you'll treasure yours forever. If you were lucky enough to get your mitts on a copy of the limited edition issue one prepare to be amazed, issue two blows it out of the water! This beautiful magazine contains 82, advertising-free, pages of Rock n Roll wedding awesomeness, printed with a silk finish on thick, luxurious paper.

Issue 01 - Summer 2011

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This limited, first edition Rock n Roll Bride magazine is now available for you to order for FREE! All we ask is that you cover the shipping and handing costs to your door.

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