A New York State of Mind: West Village Wanderers

After the exertion of jumping around the rooftop, Gala & I decided a much more leisurely pace was required for the second part of our day. So we hopped in a cab with the Made You Look girls and headed towards the uber trendy West Village.

Oh and yes that is me… and no I didn’t have a quick dye job in between! I bought this sky blue wig on a whim from Stargazer when I was purchasing my regular round of baby pink dye. The hair is fake but considering it only cost me a tenner I think it actually looked pretty good! I have plans to buy it in other colours too… I’ll wear them when I feel like going incognito!

What could be more NYC than a West Village stoop? We did find Carrie’s (yes, the actual one they used when filming the outside scenes in Sex and the City) but there was a chain across it with a polite warning to stay off (!) However the road itself was pretty deserted traffic-wise so we had another little dance/pose-off in the middle of the street. I’d like to think SJP probably did the same thing in between takes…

A few of you were asking after I published part one of the shoot, which camera’s the girls use…well I asked Christina and she said, “For the shoot we shot on Contax 645, Contax G1, Hasselblad 500 cm, Polaroid Land Camera 330, Canon AE-1, Pentax 35mm, Canon 5D Mark II DSLR (2 of them – one for filming & one for shooting), Instax wide….& 3 iphones haha!”

I Wore

Topshop Cutout Back Self Stripe Flippy dress
♥ Kimchi Blue black & glitter shoes boots / Jimmy Choo Tokyo hi tops
Stargazer ‘Japan’ wig in ‘Sky’
♥ Sparkle & Fade Skull Cardigan
♥ ‘We are all mad here’ necklace by UntamedMenagerie on etsy

Gala Wore

Topshop sequin dress
♥ Custom decoden glasses by Luxyloli on etsy
♥ Star headband by Janine Basil on etsy
♥ Michael Kors watch
♥ Forever 21 bangles
♥ Frye boots

After a coffee and a refuel it was time to head to our last destination – the grand finale if you will – Brooklyn Bridge. Pop by Friday morning for the last installment of Gala & my New York adventure!

Photography Credit: Made You Look Studios (who are available for shooting weddings worldwide – yes they will come to you too!)
Make Up: Regan Rabanal


  1. So cute! The one of you two by the flower stand is a beautiful picture 🙂 Loving the blue wig and the Kimchi Blue shoe boots too, gonna have to get me some of those! Can’t wait for the next instalment *logs on to book flights to New York* xoxo

  2. You and Gala always look like you’re having so much fun. I love this shoot so much. Your lipstick color is rad!

  3. Love it!, love the outfits, love the location, love the light, love the wig, love the glasses, love the make up, LOVE IT ALL!

  4. OMG just catching up on these shoots, yummy, realy loving the photography style and tones and the film.. great locations and looks like fun. jealous x x

  5. Sam B

    Hi Kat! I know this is an old post, but I am just so excited to tell someone that I found Gala’s sparkly dress in the Topshop sale in Liverpool last week and I LOVE it. I did a celebration dance in the shop and basked in its radiance. Sparkle makes me happy! I was trying to explain to my Mum that is was the dress Gala had on in the photoshoot with Rock and Roll Bride in New York haha… over her head. xxx


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