Magpie Vintage Launch The Rose Collection…and I Get on a Horse & Jump on a Trampoline to Celebrate!

I sneak peeked this shoot back in February but I had to wait until now to share the full thing…sorry to keep you all waiting, it was hard for me too!

I was asked by Lisa & Tania, the vintage jewellery aficionados behind  Magpie Vintage if I’d like to model for their latest campaign – the launch of their brand new clothing line. Needless to say I didn’t need much convincing, even when they told me I had to get on a horse!

The Rose Collection will be officially launched in September 2011. Each each item will be a one off – a genuine piece of vintage clothing from the 1930’s-1960’s, reworked and quirked with the famous  Magpie Vintage twist.

Just like the jewellery that they’ve become so well known for, rhinestones, vintage buttons, original gems and vintage ribbons and trims will sit alongside original vintage pieces, perfectly complementing the original source.

Each collection with be limited edition, and due to the amount of work that goes into each hand-crafted item, only 20 pieces will be created per season.  Magpie Vintage‘s aim is to get these pieces on the red carpet, but I’ve been reliably informed that I’ll be able to wear some of these items at the various events I get invited too this year. BONUS!

Prices range from £200-£800 and consultations are available by appointment only.If you’re interested in purchasing any of these stunning pieces then be sure to get in touch with them right away.

More beautiful images from  David McNeil PhotographyAnnamarie Stepney Photography after the ‘jump’…

Thanks to everyone involved with this shoot (listed below.) It really was such a fun day!

Photography Credit: David McNeil Photography & Annamarie Stepney Photography
Jewellery:  Magpie Vintage
Clothes:  Magpie Vintage – The Rose Collection. To enquire for details or to pre-order please contact
Hair: Sev at The Hepburn Collection
Make Up: Kaz Fernando
Models: Kat, Elle, Charlotte and Malak the horse!


  1. Oh i like very much. Loving the black lace dress, so incredibly striking. The whole collection of photos work so well together. X

  2. Post author

    thanks for all your lovely comments. i also loved the blue dress i wore but it was a little small for me…otherwise i totally would have stolen it!

  3. Feck me, you have the life of Riley! I love that blue lace cardie you’re wearing on the horse and the whole outfit the blonde model (how stunning is she, btw!) is wearing especially the bracelets/bangles.

    I’m not a huge fan of black having done it to death during my teenage goth phase but, everyone is right – you really suit it – like a awe-mazing pink haired merry widow!

  4. Alice

    Lovely pics, wish I was getting married again so I had an excuse to purchase such beautiful things!

    I might be a bit thick, but I never understand what ‘after the jump’ means. Please could you fill me in Kat?

  5. Post author

    ha not thick at all Alice…”after the jump” is just my ‘kat’ way of saying after the page break – clicking the link to “Read the rest of this entry” to see the rest of the images in the gallery. i put it after a page break so the homepage loads quicker cos i always post so many images for your viewing pleasure!

    hope that clears it up!

  6. Rachel

    I love the light in these, really vintage. Annamarie is soooo good at producing images in colour – I’m guessing she went nuts for the bluey door shot?

  7. Omg Omg Omg Omg…. My heart rate actually increased as I looked through the pictures, it really did!!!!!!…I am so loving this blog, it was a pleasure to be part of it. Well worth the wait xxxx

  8. abbey warner

    i actually cannot tell you how much i love these pictures.
    the clothes are amazing girls and kat loving your hair against that black dress.
    love you all xxx
    long time xxx

  9. you look amazing- i’m loving all the different stuff you’ve been doing with your hair lately (never would have guessed there were so many different ways to style ‘pink’ hair) x

  10. Post author

    Pip – me too! i always say that to my hair stylists! they always come up with a new idea. im baffled!

  11. Jayne Sacco

    WOW stunning clothes & jewellery. Love the whole styling & your pink hair with the black lace looks gorgeous! Amazing photography David & Anna Marie.

  12. Love the new direction for Magpie Vintage – and that they chose such different models to showcase their new line, it shows a deliciously healthy disregard for the norm! Of course the whole shoot is gorgeous – and I especially like the inspired horse shots! Hurrah for you all! xxx

  13. Thank you all for you wonderful comments, the most inportant element is we all had fun! David captured our collection perfectly, he is a true pro…not forgetting Sev’s legendary Candy Floss hair on Charlotte. Anna and Abbey, thank you so much for your lovely words. And Kat you look devine in black Darling!
    This is just a sneaky peep, the best is yet to come!


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