Las Vegas Lovers: Sequins & Smoke Bombs

For the third and final setting of the Las Vegas Lovers shoot, GalaNubby & I wanted to get a little mean & moody…and that meant monochrome, silver and something a bit more dramatic! We moved from our beloved Ghost Town (Nubby & I have since decided we might take up residence there…just as long and someone can sort out some interwebz for us please…) and ambled towards a good-looking piece of desert.

With the light fading fast it was time to crack open our pièce de résistance… coloured smoke bombs!

There’s quite a story behind these beauties. Turns out Nevada state law is slightly cray cray about fireworks. In fact Lisa and Amy had to add an hour to their drive up from LA to visit a town called Pahrump – apparently one of the only towns in Southwest America where you can legally buy them! However I hope you’ll agree the trek was worth it.

After much coughing, spluttering and giggling we’d nailed the shots but we weren’t done just yet. As the day drew to a close, we simply had to get one final shot of us in front of that incredible view in the middle of the deserted highway. Looking at these photos I can’t believe I was actually there! It just looks like a dream.

I wore

Charlotte Balbier ‘Tutti Frutti’ gown custom made in black (I felt like an actual million dollars in this dress…it may well be my favourite dress ever ever ever!)
♥ Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Lady Dragon shoes in yellow & black
Butler & Wilson pink crystal skull ring

Gala wore

♥ Betsey Johnson tee-shirt
♥ Betsey Johnson feather dress
♥ Bedazzled glasses by Tequila Star
♥ Star headband by Janine Basil
♥ Chinese Laundry shoes

Nubby wore

♥ Silver dress from Camilla & Marc 
♥ Black sequin mouse ears from Disneyland
♥ Tights from H&M
♥ Boots from Ai for Matiko

Again thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this amazing shoot. You rock my world more than I can ever express.

If you missed part one or two of the Las Vegas Lovers shoot then be sure to check them out!

Supporting Cast:

Photography: David McNeil Photography & Devlin Photos
Photography Assistant: Amy Bartlam
Hair & Make Up: Your Beauty Call
Flowers: Enchanted Florist
Location: Nelson, Las Vegas


  1. Beautiful! And the Charlotte Balbier dress in black is fab.. (I’ve chosen tutti frutti for my big day!) x

  2. Kinda a little sad now that you have blogged them all, loved this shoot so much. But looking forward to seeing your magazine soon, woohoo!

  3. These are soooooo good… I think they might be my favorites of the three setups… I love what you’re all wearing! That dress is totally sizzling’ on you! And of course the location is incredible. You know what, between the pink hair and the silvery star headband, I think I’m a little bit of a Kat & Gala lovechild in our photos, haha!

  4. Emily

    Hi Kat,

    Wow! I LOVE the shots. The colors are stunning. I am wondering if you could give me a heads up as to where in Pahrump you bought the smoke bombs- I’d love to get some for my upcoming trip to Vegas and am totally willing to drive out of the way for them. It has been impossible finding info. Any tips would be super:)




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