An Origami Wedding: Ceri & Terry

Ceri & Terry didn’t really plan to have a theme for their November wedding, however once they started with the origami they found it hard to stop! Ceri told me all about their beautiful wedding, “When we first started planning the wedding, we were determined to do our best to be relaxed about the whole thing. We decided that, if we could find the right venue then even if everything else went wrong, we’d be ok – we could turn up in jeans and order pizza, if necessary, as long as we could get all our loved ones in the right place. After a couple of months of looking, we found it: Great Wilbraham Hall Barn. It was perfect – big enough for our guests, fairly isolated, licensed for weddings (we wanted everything in the same place), ideal for the winter months with lots of warmth and character, and within 30 minutes drive of Terry’s grandparents.”

“A few weeks after we had booked, we got the call – the barn had burnt down. Ah. So, onto plan B. We saw the marquee which was put up in place of the barn, and liked it – it was light and airy, and still had all the things about the location that we had loved initially. The only problem was that, whereas the barn was full of its own character, the marquee would definitely need decorating. We spent a lot of time going for walks and kicking ideas about, until I remembered the Senbazuru – an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. It is a traditional wedding gift, or something done together by the prospective husband and wife to prepare them for married life together – it does take a lot of time and patience. I love origami, but Terry had to learn – which he did, and the next few months were spent folding cranes together in the evenings. We also went on to fold tiny cranes for all the place cards, and decided to carry the theme through, picking origami animals to be our table names and I even folded my own origami bouquet.”

The couple spent months collecting different types of paper for all the origami – from comic book patterns (Terry is a big fan) to headed paper from their work! “It was really exciting getting the paper for the cranes,” Ceri continued. “Every time we got a new batch in we’d sit and fold one of every colour just to see what they looked like!”

“The thing which we found most difficult about planning a wedding was the assumption from other people that things would always be done a certain way,” the bride concluded. “We wanted to start from scratch and do things because they felt right, rather than just because they were traditional. Our two best friends are guys, so no bridesmaids, but two best men. Because the marquee wasn’t licensed for weddings, we were legally married in a very small, very quick ceremony in the billiard room, and then had a public ceremony in front of all our guests, so we personally adapted both ceremonies to make them right. Neither of us were particularly interested in wedding flowers – so we didn’t have them, using flower-pots filled with Love Hearts to stand our origami animals up in in the centre of each table.”

“Also, music is really important to both of us, so we chose the songs that make us think of each other for background music throughout the reception, and picked a complete set-list for the DJ so we were sure that every song was one that we would want to dance to! Looking back on the day, it feels like every bit of it was very much ‘us’ – we didn’t have a wedding, we had our wedding. That’s what made us Rock n Roll.”

Thank you so much to Ceri & Terry and their photographer Ria for sharing this beautiful wedding with us today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Ria Mishaal
Venue: Great Wilbraham Hall Barn
Bride’s Dress: Monsoon
Bride’s Headpiece: DIY
Cake: Mr Cake
Flowers: DIY
Hair: Vicki Sanderson
DJ: J.B Discos
Stationery: DIY
Caterers: Simple Simon


  1. Lou

    Such a simple idea of folding a piece of paper makes such a statement 🙂 Fabulous idea and so lovely =)

  2. wow, so much work and love put into this, but it looks so worth it – yall did an incredible job…. and what a gorgeous bride!

    curious… what happened to all the origami after the wedding?

  3. Fabulous & fun theme to decorate a wedding place with colorful origami. Worth the look ! My fav origami is the panda, it’s so lovely 😀

  4. I’m probably going to make multi-coloured paper stars for the table decor. I’m not a huge fan of flowers, they are very pretty but we don’t tend to have them often so seems daft to have tons at our wedding, it’s not us.

  5. Terry

    Thanks for the lovely comments everyone – we’re mega excited that our wedding got featured!

    @Addie: We invited our guests to take home the streamers of cranes that were hanging all over the marquee if they wanted and the vast majority were taken that night. We kept a few of the crane mobiles and the left over streamers and plan on using them as Christmas decorations until they fall apart.

  6. Ceri and Terry are such and inspiration! It was such a joy to be part of your day – thank you! I am so proud that your wedding was featured here! We have our cranes up in our living room xx

  7. Nathalie

    I find your wedding most inspiring! I love all the details 🙂
    I’m going to wed next year, and as I love origami I thought about using it for decoration, thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

  8. Aurélie

    Hello dear !

    Your pictures are so wonderful !
    We looked for a panda origami but never found one as lovely as yours. Would it be possible for you to share with us the patterns of the folding ?

    Yours sincerely


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