The Designer Vintage Bridal Show – Official Photos and Show Report

So you’re probably sick of hearing about The Designer Vintage Bridal Show (I have banged on about it somewhat) but I’ve just received the official show photographs from my bestie Emma Case and I wanted to share them soon as… I know some of you will want to see my tutu at least!

You’ve read all about the Rock n Roll Bride Magazine that we were handing out, but I thought you might like to see our stand too…cute huh?

(and no I’m not just talking about my husband…although he totally is) 

All the love and adoration must go to Gareth who organised most of it, Ava Event Styling who helped me source my ‘props’, Sugalily for the little price tags and the incredible Cutture who made our logo into a beautiful perspex creation. I love it!

Photo by Cutture

As promised, I wore a massive tutu all weekend. You could always spot me coming! Thanks to the AMAZING Monique of Ouma Cothing who made it for me. It was perfect.

A blogger’s work is never done…

At the catwalk show with the other UK wedding bloggers. Alexis of OMG I’m Getting Married just couldn’t put the magazine down, Kelly laughed a lot and Amma wore a giant hat for most of the weekend.

Spookily, Kelly of Boho Blog and I had almost the exact same rainbow manicure!

A big part of the show was showcasing some amazing bridal dresses by British designers. Luckily for you lot, Emma and the models did a mini-shoot during the show. I die…

Dresses shown by Charlotte Casadejus, Matthew Williamson, Tobi Hannah, Jenny PackhamTemperley London & The Wedding Club 

And after their shoot, the model’s had a break to catch up on their Rock n Roll gossip…

Oh and finally…our poor boys. Gareth (Mr Rock n Roll Bride) and Pete (Mr Emma Case) definitely descended into madness by the end of the weekend. Two full days of being surrounded by wedding-ness – what troupers! Although I personally think they both pull off the ‘pimp daddy’ look rather well!

The show was so much fun and I can’t wait for the next one. It will be running again in February 2012, so keep your eyes peeled to Rock n Roll Bride for exact date announcements!

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography


  1. It was a really great show, and Emma’s photos of the models are GORGEOUS! Your magazine is completely fab, too. Well done! (ps love Pete and Gareth dressed up, highlight of the post!)

  2. Bekki Cooke

    I think I can just about see the cupcakes I gave you in the background of one of your stand photos!

  3. Kylie

    Don’t know if your husband will be offended, but he looks alot like Orlando Bloom in pic number 3. Can’t wait to get my hands on your magazine too!!! 😀 xxx

  4. Post author

    haha not offended at all Kylie, he actually gets that a lot…not a bad lookalike to be married to! He used to look quite JT-esque when he had a shaved head too!

  5. Lisa

    Great pictures of a great day! Love the photoshoot on the cricket pitch, too.

    PS have to agree with Kylie, although think your husband looks like Rock Orlando on that photo!

  6. Vicki

    Great pics and I have to say you and your hubby are an inspiration – he is clearly incredibly supportive of your work…really lovely to see. x

  7. A fab blog for a brill show. I’m so glad I dragged my dad round for the morning & got to have a natter with you for a bit! Roll on the next one!

  8. Completely random (and a tad creepy) but your rainbow nails remind me of the ice truck killer from season one of Dexter! 🙂

    LOVE your tutu. Oneday I’m going to buy something from Ouma. I’ve been swooning over her stuff for ages.

  9. Great reminder of a brilliant day: my first real-life encounter with bloggers! And what a lovely and talented bunch you all are. I think what I like best about the photo of the 5 of you is how individual you are. You each represent different aspects of the industry and I think UK brides are very lucky to have such diversity; whether you’re into tattoos and tutus or vintage pretty, you all offer something unique, especially for girls that don’t relate to the mainstream. Well done Kat, Annabel, Kelly, Alexis and Amma – you ladies ALL rock!! L x


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