An Upcycled, Recycled & Indie Wedding: Mel & Carl

The bride’s love of all things indie, unusual, hand made, recycled and upcycled was the catalyst to the theme of this creative wedding. After a hand-tying ceremony, where their friends and family all added a strip of fabric to their hands, Mel & Carl invited their friends & family to a laid back and family-central wedding reception.

A number of the wedding attendees helped to set up the wedding beforehand hanging decorations including the ‘lollipop tree’ (lollipops bought from Etsy hung from a willow tree), vintage fabric bunting, origami birds, vintage toys and games, wildflowers and Victorian birdcages (be sure to check out all the amazing details in the gallery below!)

They even had a homemade candy buffet ‘staffed’ by their son and homemade super food cookies, popcorn and wasabi peas served in newspaper cones which were homemade by Mel.

The bride wore a dress found on eBay £80 which she pimped with the help of her best friend Sarah. The applique swallow was an antique beading decoration found at a flea market and the flowers and beads were also vintage, sourced from Kempton Market. They also added turquoise cord to match the brides shoes.

Mel’s bouquet was designed by Jen of The Ritzy Rose. She wanted it to match the electric and unusual vibe of the day and so none the individual pieces really ‘matched.’  They added dinky toys and animals to mirror Mel’s love of vintage toys. The bride’s beautiful and unusual necklace was bought from Andra Aitken of ‘Pejolu‘ on Etsy.

Thank you to Mel & Carl and their photographer Katherine for sharing this incredible celebration with us today.

Photography Credit: Nova Wedding Photography
Venue: Combe Farm, Devon
Bride’s Dress: eBay & DIY
Bride’s Shoes: Oxygen shoes ‘Plymouth’
Bride’s Necklace: Pejolu on Etsy
Bouquet: The Ritzy Rose
Groom’s Outfit: Toast
Sweets: This Charming Candy on Etsy and beaubonbon
Hair & Make Up:
Band: The Drat Pack
Catering: Piglet Cottage


  1. What a gorgeous wedding. I love how personal it all feels. I adore the eclectic details and the appliqué is absolutely gorgeous. Bravo to the bride and groom!

  2. I love how unique and personal this wedding is. Not to mention eco-friendly! How the couple used old toys in the decor and the bouquet is so amazing to me. Even though I plan greener weddings and events, seeing them take shape always leaves me in awe.


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