A Day of the Dead Art Gallery Wedding: Angie & Adam

Angie & Adam were married at Manchester Art Gallery, a fitting venue as the bride went to Manchester Metropolitan University to study art where she met her future husband. Angie wore a bespoke purple dress made for her by a friend who works in a theatre wardrobe department (currently with We Will Rock You!) They designed it together so Angie got just what she wanted.

The couple chose not to have bridesmaids or groomsmen. They entered their ceremony together. “We wanted to start as we mean to go on – together,” they explained. “We walked down the aisle holding hands and remained holding hands through the service. Also Angie’s a bit of a feminist and didn’t want to be given away.”

The reception had  Mexican/Day of the Dead Festival theme. They continued, “We wanted a colourful festival feel that would make the day fun for all our guests.  Also, we’re both creative people who like to get our hands dirty – so making the decorations was a must for us! Angie’s final exhibition for her art degree was also based around Mexican folk art and the day of the dead festival.”

Thank you to Angie & Adam and their photographers Foley Photography for sharing these today.

PS Angie has the best hair I’ve seen in a loooong time. Agreed?

Photography Credit: Foley Photography
Venue: Manchester Art Gallery
Bride’s Dress: DIY
Bride’s Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bride’s Necklace: Kasket Kustoms
Groom’s Outfit: Timothy Everest for Marks and Spencer
Groom’s Shoes: Jeffrey West
Cake: DIY (Bride’s Aunt)
Hair & Make Up:
DJ: Barry Briggs
Decor: DIY (supplies from mexicansugarskull.com)


  1. I love this wedding! The theme is brilliant and I love the whole look the bride chose on the day- her hair is amazing and what a lovely dress. And the shoes- <3!

  2. Emma Shea

    OMG these photos are just stunning!! I agree the bride’s hair is FANTASTIC!! I didn’t think about Manchester Art Gallery as a wedding venue but now I will.

    Love IT 🙂

  3. Marie Williams

    Foley Photography these photos are Stunning!! Love the colour scheme and the wicked wedding theme. What a fab couple. Thank you Kat for providing such beautiful images of quirky weddings! 🙂

  4. Sarah

    Congrats! Its not to my personal tastes but she has pulled it off very well! Hair & outfit looks fab, love the necklace. The theme is great, keeps the eye held, love the colourfulness, the masks, oh and the cake looks uh-may-zing 🙂

  5. Congratulations to Angie and Adam! These photos by Foley Photography are just stunning and have captured the essence of the day perfectly – my personal favourites are the close ups of the sugar skulls 🙂 The colours are lovely! (you see, I’m not so Twee all the time!!)

  6. Pete

    Clearly an indivdual event exactly as the couple wished it to be. Such a happy event, but relaxed too – not easy to achieve at weddings with so much pressure to get it right. Foley Photography you have captured such natural images with poise and composition that really gives you insight and the flavour of the day. The detail is exquisite, the portraits are priceless.

  7. Rose

    Everything about this wedding is killer! her hair is amazing and healthy which is hard to get after dying bright colors! I’m in love with the holding hands down the isle idea. Amazing.


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