High Fashion Farm Engagement

December 2, 2012

Honestly? I’m not going to pretend that I really understand this shoot… but for some reason I just really love it. It must be the weird juxtaposition between designer handbags, shoes on a roof, giant bunnies and bondage… and hell, I’m not adverse to a bit of randomness!

Taking place at Big Ben Farm in Bulacan, The Philippines, Jay De & Clarissa wanted a shoot with some attitude. As lovers of vintage styling they wanted it to have this vibe, but with an edge. They wanted their shoot to be much more than teacups, cupcakes, lace or pearls. They wanted high fashion! With the help of stylist Feliz and photographer Jay Jay they pulled together five iconic looks which showcased various parts of their personalities. Ranging from high fashion to cute and cosy to dark, each set was a real labour of love and very ‘them’.

“The couple bought all their own clothes”, wrote Jay Jay. “For the first set we wanted to have a very editorial feel with a barn as a setting, the second set was inspired by an elopement story and Clarissa wanted to show off her impressive handbag collection. The roof scene showcased Jay De’s shoes collection and the bunny set was inspired by an Easter egg hunt. Finally, we wanted to end with something bad ass and prison inspired.”

So it’s a bit weird and definitely quirky but I like it. What do you think? Would you ever do a super stylised pre-wedding shoot?

Thank you to Jay Jay of Chestknots Studios for sharing with us today.

Supporting Cast

Photography Credit: Chestknots Studios
Stylist: Lifestyle by Feliz
Make Up: Gery Penaso
Hair: Aries Mana