A Medical Themed Engagement Shoot: Gem & Jay-R

June 11, 2012

No-one does engagement shoots like photographers from The Philippines… and Gem and Jay-R’s shoot by WeDoItForLove is no exception!I love this for it’s super creative and totally over-exaggerated concept.

So, Gem & Jay-R are medical reps for one of the country’s top brands… so what do they do? Dress up in straight jackets of course! They took inspiration from the movie, Love & Other Drugs as well as Blink 182’s music video for After Midnight.

Sense of humour required when viewing these please…

Thank you to Gem & Jay-R and photographer Rex for sharing these today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: WeDoItForLove
Concept: The Rebellious Brides
Styling & props: Mica Tuaño-Fuentes
Make Up:The Makeup of Mica
Location: Francisco Clinic and Phil Heart Center