“Hello, my Name is Kat and I am a Twitteraholic”: The Latest Social Network Trend – The Twidow™

Photography Credit: Chris Barber Media – Full wedding can be seen here

“Hello, my name is Kat and I am a twitteraholic”

It’s true you know. I unashamedly and utterly love tweeting. I revel in how it connects me with my friends and adore how I can directly speak to my readers on a personal level. The best part however is that when I’m working alone in my nook under the stairs, it makes me feel a lot less of a looooser in my wedding/photography/blogging obsession. You guys are always there with me to respond to my random musings and validate my ridiculous ideas.

However I’m sad to report that there is a scary new trend as the result of my ever expanding twitter-verse…my husband has become has become a self-proclaimed Twidow™

Gareth has resorted to twitter-stalking to see what I’m up to on a daily basis. Rather than raising concern, his resourcefulness actually astounds and impresses me (i.e. he’s so interested in my business that he’s my biggest stalker/fan) At Emma & Pete’s wedding Gareth & Dave even started wondering if there were other Twitter Widows out there, lurking in the internet shadows, wondering where all their husbands and wives have gone? And should there be a special Twidow™ group set up for these poor excluded men (and women)?

Although I do wonder how this club would be promoted…because launching said group on any kind of social network would almost certainly be too ironic for words. Hum…

Does this post make me a terrible wife or are you in a similar position? Luckily for Gareth, I give him (almost) tweet-free evenings and we even have the odd skivey day out of the ‘office.’ Last week we hung out all day. We went to lunch, we visited my photograph in the Reading museum and we went shopping. Not expensive or ‘proper’ shopping but the silly and browsy kind. He liked that. I bought a £12 dress and he got very excited about a tiny little pen. Although I did tweet some pictures, it was actually him that was initiating “Go on, tweet it…let’s see what they say!” (I’m finally breaking him…haha!)

Skivey and tweet-free days off are brilliant once in a while, especially when you’re hanging out with the one you love. Now excuse me, I have to dash. Today we’re off to a BBQ at a friend’s house. I’ll probably be tweeting pictures of cheeseburgers, lawn games and questionably shaped vegetables within the hour…but my obsessive ‘oooh what have I missed?’ attitude will be on hold for a while.

In my opinion how you use social networks is all about balance and what works for you, your business and your relationship. However I really hope Twidows™ does take off…Gareth could do with his own little boys club to play with once in a while.


  1. My finace will be the first to join Gareth! He has even taken to talking to me as ‘@loveaudrey83’ and throws in the odd hash-tag when he really wants to grab my attention.

    He has a twitter profile for his business but refuses to follow my profile (not professional apparently) but I know he checks my feed regularly.

    Great post Kat, made me smile 🙂

  2. Ha… I’m a few years older and have to play down my use of twitter and facebook for my other half. He sees me on the laptop and all he knows is I’m ‘working’. I have a job ‘on the internet’. Beyond that, he’s heard of twitter in the paper and disapproves.

    Very impressed with your Gareth (snap!) for following you for updates. Resourceful – I like.


  3. My bf Joe is *definitely* a Twidow™ he’s always making fun of me for tweeting everything, but he always follows my tweets!
    I’ll ask him if he’s read my latest blog post and he says “yes, i saw it on your twitter”!

  4. Post author

    Leah – im glad someone else appreciates his tiny little pen (you have no idea how excited he was about it!)

  5. so funny, luckely Nik loves twitter as much as I do, he sacked off his facebook account in view of this and talks to his friends on twitter now. It’s great as he hates listening to my wedding talk, but he keeps up to date with all I do through twitter, and i don’t have to mentioned the W word once when we are together!…perfect! Maybe the men to need their own club???

  6. Twiddows ain’t just gonna be for blokes I hope?! My fiancé is on there all the time! I joined Twitter first then he got sucked in completely! I’ll bring the feminine side to the club & bake brownies & everything!!

  7. Lucy

    Kat, don’t take this the wrong way. I really enjoy reading about real-life weddings, and top tips on suppliers, and it’s proving a great inspiration in planning my own wedding. But I can’t follow you on Twitter anymore, because of the sheer volume of minutae of your life. I’m not interested in hearing what you bought or what colour you’re dying your hair. This is a shame, as I do like reading about rock n’ roll weddings. Not following you anymore, I don’t see when you’ve updated your blog. Have you thought of separating the two? Having one Twitter feed for updates and wedding tips, and another for the life of Kat Williams. If people want to hear about YOU, they can follow you, leaving the rocknrollbride account to promote the blog and share tips on wedding planning.

  8. Post author

    Hey Lucy, I can understand that! I do tweet a lot and I totally understand that that’s not interesting for some oeillee.and that’s fine I won’t hold it against you! Twitter is a great way for me to connect with my readers and friends in a ‘this is the real me’ way and if that doesn’t interest you them fine. Maybe ‘like’ me on Facebook for more direct-to-blog links instead of conversation , or follow the blog via RSS for direct access to when the latest blog posts go live

  9. We do a lot of these things on facebook…and my fiance just got an android phone so he is posting a ton of stuff that happens as we see it to his FB page. I have a twitter, but he does not, and I don’t post to the twitterz all that often. I think that the idea of the “social media widow” is a very real one, and I know plenty of both males & females who are widowed in this way. I’m glad I’m not alone in potentially leaving my future husband in the lurch as such!

  10. Haha, I love the idea of a Twidow group, and the irony of launching it via social media is delicious. Maybe he should run a billboard campaign? 😉


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