30 Things To Do Before I’m 30 (in 30 Days!)

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In thirty days I will be thirty years old. If I’m honest I haven’t been particularly thrilled about hitting the big 3-0. People have been telling me how much I’ll love it, how your thirties are so much better than your twenties etc etc, but I dunno, the latter part of this last decade has been pretty fucking fabulous.

While many people may have had these for years, with just a month left of my twenties I thought I’d compile a 30 things to do before I’m 30 list. With not much time left these are mostly all pretty small, but that’s OK, small goals can be just as beneficial!

1. Go on a random adventure
2. Re-watch at least one season of 24
3. Unpack my suitcase
4. Vacuum the whole house
5. Cook a proper 3-course dinner
6. Read a full book
7. Purge my saved documents on my computer
8. Delete all those tv recordings that I’m never going to get round to watching
9. Throw out all my unwanted dvds and books

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10. Buy that new sideboard we’ve been planning on for (literally) years
11. Clean out my wardrobe
12. Throw away all those unused toiletries
13. Buy something ridiculously overpriced and fabulous
14. Get my accounts in order
15. Print out and display more photographs
16. Learn to walk in heels
17. Go on a spa day
18. Go swimming
19. Make cocktails

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20. Wear ears or flower crowns on more days than I don’t
21. Book a house with my friends for a weekend, play board games and drink wine
22. Have a long bubble bath complete with wine and candles
23. Have a digital detox for at least 24 hours
24. Continue with my healthy eating plan
25. Drink green juice everyday
26. Say no more things than I say yes to
27. Hang out with my family every week
28. Drink more ginger tea
29. Kiss my husband 500 times
30. Launch a digital product (watch this space!)

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So, I just need to do at least one of these everyday this month.Β Wish me luck! Do you have a 30 before 30 list?



  1. Crikey that’s a lot to do!

    If your wardrobe is anything like mine I’d book the spa day for the day after – you’ll need it to recover! πŸ˜‰

  2. Looks great! And definitely do-able. But please don’t throw out all those clothes, DVDs, and books! Donate them instead.

  3. That’s a pretty big list! Fingers crossed you manage to do them all! Looking forward to seeing an update (?!!) on whether or not you managed to do them all!

    Katie <3

  4. house with friends is a massive winner!! love doing that with my pals, and what better excuse than your birthday!! x

  5. I was just thinking the same thing! Mine’s 6th April and was listening to Jamie Cullum Twentysomething thinking hmmm, one more month! I can’t frickin wait for my 30s, don’t know about you but I just think they’re going to be the glory years, learned so much and made mistakes in the last decade & feeling wisdom combined with excited anticipation means it’s gonna be amazing πŸ™‚ I’m thinking about a photo project for my 30th year….lots of ideas flying around! X

  6. I’m gonna be 30 at the end of the year, and right now I really don’t care about this! But you 30 goals to reach before the big 3-0 makes me want to do the same, a list of stuff I want to accomplish during the year! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  7. Sammie

    This is great! I’m 30 in July too and anxious about it. This list is great and Id love to do something similar to focus on πŸ™‚ x

  8. Phew, you are definitely going to be organised to get that little lot done! Ive just turned 45 and thought that I had lot I wanted to fit in before Im 50 and thats 5 years to complete it! So I guess you do get slower as you get older!! x

  9. I will be 30 in 27 days!! (High five for being an April baby!) I should make this list but will have to do it faster!

  10. Jacqueline

    I didn’t previously have a list but I’m turning 30 in May so it looks like I will be compiling a list of things I want to achieve as well…Will share my list once I have it established I love love love your idea though and how you didn’t set any unrealistic goals for yourself…

  11. 30 next month too, full on dreading it. I feel like I’ve not really achieved anything yet, and all the things I’d like from life seem very far away at the moment!

  12. Darquise

    Allo Kat!
    I just turned 50! I know, how can that possibly be. But let me share something with you: As you get older the to do list tends to get smaller or simply non existant. I know what you are thinking… “Oh! I guess there isn’t as much time left to accomplish all these things when you get older… Non, pas du tout! That isn’t it! It goes more like this… You just don’t give a pickle about “to do” lists. In my experience these lists never get done, and they can increase your stress level… Just go with the flow girl, and enjoy your last month as a 29 year old fabulous woman.
    If you still have a hard time with aging, here’s another trick I’ve learned… hang out with older people, then you’ll always feel young!!!
    Dq xox
    P.S. Oh! I meant to ask you, what is an ear crown? You mentioned that you want to wear them more. Is that a British thing?

  13. Kim


    I turned 30 last month and age has never bothered me, “it’s just a number” as most people say however turning 30 started to secretly bother me. I kept thinking of all the things I hadn’t done and things I had hoped to be. When it came to my birthday I felt a sense of pride and achievement from what I had done in my life rather than what I hadn’t. On my very grown up birthday dinner at a golf club with my family and friends (rather than being sung happy birthday to on a chair in TGI’s then down the turtle until the early hours) I beamed from ear to ear with pride of what I had experienced and who I am today.

    Does being 30 bother me now? HELL NO!

  14. Jade

    I’m 30 next March and I’m making a list too! One of my main items is to take part in a race, as well as other little things like, be naked outside!

  15. Post author

    Hey Kim, dont knock TGIs and the Turtle, all my best birthdays have been in those places hahaha!

  16. Kim

    They have hosted some unforgettable nights for me too, although I hardly seem to get there nowadays!

  17. I’m 30 in June and I’m just starting my list, but so far it includes running a marathon at full fitness (did one a couple of years ago on a fractured knee so was veeeeery slow and hurty)
    Finally plucking up the courage to get a tattoo!
    Climb a mountain (scared of heights)
    Save a dog from the pound and find it a new home
    Go on a photography related adventure
    …thats as far as I’ve got with mine, better crack on!…

  18. Andrea

    Better idea for the toiletries – either give them to a charity shop, or if they are used and are shower gels or bubble baths you can turn them into really nice handwash! Just get a handwash bottle that you are using and then when it is empty 3/4 fill it with the liquid and then top up with water and shake, shake, shake! you then have lovely smelling frothy handwash for no money. Have been doing this with my old toiletries at the moment. If the bottles are see through you could even colour coordinate it with the rooms they are in depending what you have!

  19. An even better use of the toiletries is to see if a local women’s refuge would like them. Our local one is happy to take anything half empty, as long as its in a decent condition.

    I’m 30 in June and wrote out a list at the beginning of the year of things I’d like to achieve. I’m slightly falling behind on mine, better get a move on!!

  20. Me and my husband are currently watching all the 24 series back to back!! Love it! Wish I had made a to do list like this…. 10 months until my birthday maybe I should do 100 things to do!

  21. That’s my kind of list! Especially like ‘Throw away all those unused toiletries’ – I bet we all need to do that! πŸ™‚ p.s. 30 is cool, I loved turning 30…shame the next one for me is 32 – eek!

  22. I’ve just turned 28 and have to say that I’m looking forward to turning 30 (even though it’s still 2 years away). My twenties, although good, have been tough and I can’t help but feel my thirties will be good to me. And on a completely different note, that last photo contains an AMAZING bag. Where is it from?!

  23. Ha! I’ve been meaning to do so many of these for so long (number 3 for about 2 years, number 12 -since I was 17)

    Think I may have to nick a few of these for the big 30 several (2) years time.

    Some really great goals! Good luck! πŸ˜€



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