30 Things To Do Before I’m 30 (in 30 Days!)

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March 8, 2014

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In thirty days I will be thirty years old. If I’m honest I haven’t been particularly thrilled about hitting the big 3-0. People have been telling me how much I’ll love it, how your thirties are so much better than your twenties etc etc, but I dunno, the latter part of this last decade has been pretty fucking fabulous.

While many people may have had these for years, with just a month left of my twenties I thought I’d compile a 30 things to do before I’m 30 list. With not much time left these are mostly all pretty small, but that’s OK, small goals can be just as beneficial!

1. Go on a random adventure
2. Re-watch at least one season of 24
3. Unpack my suitcase
4. Vacuum the whole house
5. Cook a proper 3-course dinner
6. Read a full book
7. Purge my saved documents on my computer
8. Delete all those tv recordings that I’m never going to get round to watching
9. Throw out all my unwanted dvds and books

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10. Buy that new sideboard we’ve been planning on for (literally) years
11. Clean out my wardrobe
12. Throw away all those unused toiletries
13. Buy something ridiculously overpriced and fabulous
14. Get my accounts in order
15. Print out and display more photographs
16. Learn to walk in heels
17. Go on a spa day
18. Go swimming
19. Make cocktails

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20. Wear ears or flower crowns on more days than I don’t
21. Book a house with my friends for a weekend, play board games and drink wine
22. Have a long bubble bath complete with wine and candles
23. Have a digital detox for at least 24 hours
24. Continue with my healthy eating plan
25. Drink green juice everyday
26. Say no more things than I say yes to
27. Hang out with my family every week
28. Drink more ginger tea
29. Kiss my husband 500 times
30. Launch a digital product (watch this space!)

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So, I just need to do at least one of these everyday this month. Wish me luck! Do you have a 30 before 30 list?