Why I’m Quitting Rock n Roll Bride


When I started this blog I had no idea just how far it could take me. From quitting a well paid full time job to all expenses paid trips to Australia! I co-founded a workshop that taught over 1000 people all over the planet and launched a print magazine!! It really has been a wild ride and I wouldn’t change anything that’s happened for the world.

Over the past 8+ years I’ve woken up excited to turn on my computer and crack on with work (and that’s something I thought I’d never have in my life)… that is until it started to get too difficult. It stopped being fun. It started feeling like more of a chore than a labour or love. And if you don’t love something any more, why would you torture yourself? Life is just too short.

So I’ve come to a big decision. Its been really hard to make but I hope you’ll understand. I’m quitting Rock n Roll Bride. I’m not sure what I’m going to do next but I know it won’t be anything to do with weddings.

JUST KIDDING YOU GUYS. Happy April Fools Day!!

You ain’t getting rid of me that easily! Sorry everyone, I hope I didn’t scare you too much…! The blog and magazine are still very much alive and I’m still very much obsessed with all things wedding.

Did I fool you?



  1. Charli

    Omg, I genuinely fell for that for a second! Don’t ever ever stop! What you are doing is incredible, it’s a real labour of love for you and it shows 🙂

  2. My stomach did actually flip and you did fool me for a split second :p

    I totally forgot it was April fools today. Well done Kat, you got me *feels silly*

  3. Emiliana

    Oh i was so freaked! Im glad you’re staying, i read everything you guys put up.. i just love it! Im just so in love with an alternatove wedding! Its just perfect to me! 🙂

  4. Laura

    Oh my God!I’ve had a heart attack! 😛
    I’m about to get merried and I always come here and take inspiration!
    Kisses from Italy! 🙂

  5. Joanne

    Oh good God THAT stopped me in my tracks. Thank goodness it was a joke. Naughty girl lol!!! X x

  6. Hahah – good job I read this whilst on my2nd cup of very strong (yet smooth..) coffee. Didn’t believe it for a second – well, ok, maybe HALF a second.

  7. Kerr

    Literally the first thing I read when I woke up. Keeked my pants for a minute there lol.


  8. Hazera

    😛 you totally get me. For a sec, my heart skipped. :P:P:P

    and I’m still waiting to buy rocknrollbride mag. please be available soon!!

  9. julia

    I just love this site ..I am so glad your not going anywhere:)
    always look forward to seeing the weddings and the photographs are just stunning .

  10. I was totally like, WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. But then, OK, well, it’s Kat’s baby and she can quit it if she wants to, especially if it’s overwhelming. So I went from shock to being on board, but disappointed. And then I was like…


    It’s April Fools’ Day!

    And my fears were happily squashed.

  11. Brigitte

    Today was literally the first time I’ve seen your website. And I was stoked about the idea, the concept, the stories. So glad the beginning of my infatuation with your blog won’t be the end!!!!!

  12. Toriana Tapparo

    OMG!! I thought you were being serious haha. so glad it was an April Fool’s joke because i honestly love your blog so much.

  13. S

    Haha, reading this a day after April Fools Day and I already forgot to stay skeptical. But I did suspect this wasn’t genuine – but only because this is not nearly as well written as the beautiful and heartfelt posts you have written in the past, and if you ever did decide to quit, it wouldn’t be with such a “whatever” sign off.
    Glad you’re sticking around 🙂

  14. Mickey R

    For a brief moment I actually thought you were leaving…I was fooled, I admit…Glad to know that you are as interested as ever and are not leaving this project of yours…Wish you all the best…

    – Mickey R

  15. That was a good one, totally fooled me, devastated! Almost as good as my wife pretending she was pregnant with our 4th. Gotta love April fools!

  16. Haha! You totally got me. I was like whaaaaaat. You’re not going nowhere. amazing article thanks admin for sharing 🙂


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