Elsie & Jeremy’s Cozy, Christmas Engagement

Stand by for part two of the engagement session to end all engagement sessions. This is the ultimate cute and the kind of session I would have loved to have! You will adore this… 

Love and thanks to Elsie, Jeremy and their photographer Sarah for sharing these two sessions today. I literally can’t wait to see their wedding already!

Photography Credit: Team Rhodes Weddings
Elsie’s Blogs: A Beautiful Mess & Le Wedding Party 


  1. Kate

    I love that it’s simple, it’s Christmas-y, and the lights. It also helps that the way they look at eachother screams, “We’re madly in love!”

    I also am in love with the little blanket fort!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I am totally addicted to Elsie’s website after your link to her blogging e-course. And these pics are just sublime! I can’t wait to see their wedding too!!!

  3. Kylie

    When I saw the first picture with the tree and the lights I immediately felt my life was a life and I was actually born a twin.


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