Amy & Manny’s Morocc’ n Roll Backyard Wedding

Amy & Manny were married in the bride’s parent’s back garden which they decorated themselves in an eclectic and fabulously ‘them’ style. ” I actually didn’t really intend for my wedding to be all Rock n Roll, and it turned out that way anyway,” explained the bride. “It was kind of Moroccan/Rock n Roll… a Morocc’ n Roll style! I think the fact that it was a Rock n Roll wedding without trying… that makes it ROCK N ROLL! Plus the awesome leopard party booth couch, the fact that my Dad plus the groom & all the groomsmen wore chucks…”

Oh yes that party photo booth couch? How rad it that!? I was keen to hear all about how that came about, “The famous leopard “party booth” couch: We literally found the couch on the side of the road (sorry if that’s a shocker to everyone who sat on it… but we did clean it!) So, one day Manny calls me & tells me he saw this cool leopard couch by Manny’s work on an industrial street sitting outside of a building on the sidewalk. I don’t think anything of it, but my Mom & I went jogging in that area the next day & saw the couch he was talking about. Then my Mom & I started joking around about how we could use it in the wedding… So my Dad came with the truck, we picked it up & we all decorated it with fringe & flowers & fabric. Everyone loved it!”

The rest of the reception décor was just as much a DIY effort. Again, Amy told me all about her favourite details. “We couldn’t find a cake that A: “wowed” us and B: justified spending $700 plus on flour & sugar… so we got individually boxed cupcakes in 4 different flavors (decadent dark chocolate, ravishing red velvet, very vanilla & razz matazz razz berry) from “Casey’s Cupcakes” in Riverside. We had gone on a couple dates there when we first started dating, and it turned into one of “our” places, so it was perfect & everyone loved them. Our cake for cutting was a small 6 inch round strawberry cake from the Wal-Mart bakery that was $8 and delicious! We wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

“Table cloths: all fabric we just bought from LA & cut into table cloths. We tied the corners to keep them from blowing away. The runners were the same fabric in alternating colors placed loosely in the center of each table.”

“Place card frames: I went to Michaels & bought wooden frames & painted each of them a different color. Then I just printed out fairy tale phrases & put them on each table”

“The Moroccan style lanterns on each table were my inspiration for Moroccaning. I saw them at Ross & my parents bought them for me that Christmas.”

“Bridesmaid Dresses were found in downtown L.A for $91 each. They were the perfect color & style but they were calf length & looked very bo-peepish. So on the day of the wedding, we cut the dresses to knee length. We used the extra fabric in the centerpiece for our table (pillows, fabric & a crown). All the girls picked out their own silver shoes. The girls wore necklaces that say “Gorgeous” which was a gift from me.”

Gorgeous! Lots of love to Amy & Manny and their photographer Sheena for sharing this fab wedding with us today

Photography Credit: Sheena Paulin
Venue: Bride’s Parent’s Back Garden
Bride’s Dress: Arlet Bridal
Bride’s Headpiece: DIY
Bride’s Jewellery: Target
Cake: DIY
DJ: Late Night Le


  1. Great crown and leopard setting. So rock and roll!
    Great bride who dared the most with the colours and fantasy!
    I love her tattoos as well 🙂

  2. Gorgeous colours! And another deleriously happy looking couple. You sure do know how to pick em! – that’s what it’s all about after all.

  3. Marie

    Ack! I need to know where they got those globe/bistro string lights!
    I have been looking all over for them for my wedding that’s in 4 months.
    I need them! Please help!
    p.s. This wedding is so perfect and ideal. Having it at the home is a dream for my fiance and i. Good for them! So personal, fun and beautiful! You can really see the love!

  4. KAT you are soooo awesome! Thank you so much for featuring this wedding! <3 <3 <3 This blog is such an inspiration to what I do, I really appreciate it!

  5. Love this! The bride and her bridesmaids looks beautiful! & her colorful tattoos match her wedding theme! How fun! This looks like it was such a fun wedding!

  6. Love all the bright, vibrant color and I especially adore the couch! It’s perfect. They look like such a fun couple and the bride is just stunning.

  7. Congrats again Manny and Amy I wish you to the very best. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of this. Thank you Sheena for inviting me to shoot with you, your work inspires us all.

  8. Maureen

    I really wish I could have been there!!! You are so beautiful!!! I am so happy for you and Manny. I miss you both.

  9. Thank you for all the wonderful compliments! This was truly my dream come true. I had so much fun planning, shopping & executing all the decorations & set up. All the fabric was from days of going up & down Santee Alley in downtown L.A, my husband & I looked for the best prices & matched colors for months. It was an experience in itself! Sheena is an amazing photographer and I would strongly recommend her & her crew! I am happy to help anyone who is looking for custom ideas & gifts for their own wedding, feel free to email 🙂
    Thanks so much to Kat for publishing our wedding on your awesome blog. It’s an honor, and it brought tears to my eyes.
    Best wishes!

  10. What a beautiful bride, truly gorgeous wedding and great photography!!! Just exactly the kind of things I love seeing on Rock n Roll Bride!

  11. Sarah P

    What dress is that?! It is so beautiful and totally what I am looking for 🙂 Your wedding was so gorgeous.


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