Help Me Find The Perfect Rockabilly Dress For My Vegas Wedding!

Photography Credit: John Day Photography (you can see the full wedding on this blog)

Hey Kat!

My name’s Rachel & I just want to start by saying your wedding blog is awesome!

Also, I need your help! My fiance and I live in Australia and are planning to go to Vegas to get married in the little white chapel. I wanted your opinion and advice on wedding dresses. I wanted something stylish & Rockabilly but also not extravagant as it will be pretty low key.

Do you have any advice on what i should be taking into account when choosing a dress? Also could you recommend me any websites on where to find alternative wedding dresses?

Thanks so Much Kat!

Love Rach


Dilemmas like Rachel’s land in my inbox every day but sometimes I’m not always the best person to help out. However, luckily for you guys, I have a strong and willing force of wonderful wedding experts on board as regular Rock n Roll Bride guest writers, eager to swoop in and save you! For Rachel’s question, I called upon the expert eye of newlywed Anna of Anna and the Ring fame, to see if she could offer some dress-hunt advice. And she did…in spades!

My guest writers rule!

Dear Rachel,

Congratulations! Firstly, how exciting getting married in Vegas. It just sounds like so much fun! I am assuming you want to buy your dress in Australia and take it with you to the US? Yet just in case you fancy buying your dress abroad I have a few other ideas. Yes your dress may only be ever worn once (although personally I shall be ignoring this rule!) but that does not mean you cannot wear something spectacular for a great price. It is all in the details. It is all in time you spend looking. Think about your body shape and what suits you. If your wardrobe is filled with halterneck tea length dresses there is a reason. You they make you look good but more importantly they you feel good. That’s how you want to feel on your wedding day. Or if like mine yours is filled with sleeved v necked creations you know what will make you happy!

I remember when I first started to look for dresses. It felt like a uphill struggle. I knew I didn’t want a super traditional wedding dress. Some girls are just not destined to wear a strapless meringue! You mention Rockabilly and for me that conjures up visions of glamour, tea length dresses with oodles of pearls and the sweetest little gloves. For me this is the archetypal Rockabilly Rock n Roll Bride. Fabulous hair, fabulous accessories, fabulous style.

So I guess we should start by looking at white dresses?

via Vivien of Holloway

The first dress is from the same maker as the dress at pictured at the top of this post . What do you think? They are London based but excitingly now have a finger in the Australian pie in Melbourne.

via Ozone Clothing

Perhaps my favourite white dress, I love this dress by Tarantula. It is just so glamorous but understated. Fabulous embroidery detailing for that extra vintagey feel.

via Dolly Couture

Oooh Dolly Couture. Yummers. Based in LA but ship worldwide. Just look at the cuteness of the satin trim!

via Dolly Couture

This dress is spectacular and from Dolly Couture too. Just look at the lace, apparently it has the slightest hint of sparkles. Just as if you had taken it from your grandmothers attic.

via Vintage Vortex

via ellanacouture

When looking for fabulous dress one should always look at Etsy. I know searching can be frustrating at times but it is always worth it when you find such gems as these two dresses.

via Dress of your Dreams

Finally for white dresses I stumbled upon the website Dress of your Dreams. I have no idea the quality of their dresses but they do have some sweet simple designs.

Yet why should you stick to white for your wedding day? Oh Queen Victoria you caused so many problems!

The best part of wanting an alternative dress is the fact you can play around with colours and textures. Indeed you can even find the most beautiful dresses that may have only been worn once and have been kept hidden away for the past 50 years. Just think of how special wearing such an old dress would feel? However if you are after new dresses I have a few other ideas too!

via Pin Up Boutique

This for me is the quintessential Rockabilly dress with a teeny twist. Just look at those cute polka dots. If they do not make you want to dance all day on your wedding day, I’m not sure what will?

via Betty Jane Boutique

If you are feeling like a completely different colour how about this beautiful dress from the Betty Jane Boutique which is based in Adelaide. Hello sexy!

via jumblelaya

How about a sweet pink Etsy choice? I am in love with the rose shoulder detail which falls down the back of the dress. Are you?

via jumblelaya

Gosh the sweet detailing on the bust. The colour. I imagine it makes the most amazing sound when you walk.

via Pin Up Boutique

This is perhaps my most outrageous choice? However I love it! The leopard print is adorable and just so damn exciting! I say go for! It is from the Pin Up Boutique which is another Australian site for prettiness!

via vintagebluemoon

Finally a sweet wild card. I do love my purples!

So my final advice would be, if I have haven’t found the right dress for you use these photographs as inspiration and find a fabulous seamstress to whip up the perfect dress for you! To have complete control of how your dress will look is very satisfying! That’s what I did and it was not traditional and it was not white but it was fabulous. Any excuse to show my beautiful dress!

Credit: Emma Case Photography

Good luck and have the most wonderful wedding, Rachel. Will you let us all know what you decide?

Love Anna xx

Thanks to the lovely Anna for sharing her words of wisdom with us today. Be sure to also go check out her cute blog as well as some more photos from her lovely wedding right here.


  1. Peri

    This is a really good little post and featured some really awesome dress shops! i love the Vivien of Holloway ones and being a Dolly Couture bride i would love all her dresses!! brilliant finds Anna xx

  2. Fabulous dresses!

    Of course the other option is to have one made for you, which can often work out a lot less expensive than you would think. This way you get a little more control over the design, and can combine elements you like from different dresses. I’m afraid I don’t know any dressmakers in Australia, but for a starting point as far as design is concerned the vintage pattern wiki is fabulous:


  3. Amazing picks Kat! My best friend is having a Vegas wedding in October and need to start hunting out a rockabilly maid of honour dress so these are a good starting point on shape and style! x

  4. I really wanted a 50’s silhouette for my wedding dress but was having a hard time finding one in my price range… what I ended up doing was buying a long “pouffy” one at a bridal liquidation store ($350) and took it to my seamstress to be altered into a short dress. The result is an inexpensive bridal dress that is completely unique! 🙂 Good luck and Congrats!

  5. Anna, great post. I’m in love with that teal dress, I might just have to buy it.
    I can vouch for Vivien of Hollway, I have a circle dress and its just lovely.

    Hmm just wondering if I could do a trash the dress with a dress that wasn’t my actual wedding dress 🙂

  6. Angelique

    Not sure of your budget, but Whirling Turban(.com) makes incredible custom ‘vintage’ wedding gowns. They use vintage patterns, amazing fabric and quality infastructure, so they’re super flattering. I have two of their dresses so far, but decided on a more traditional long gown for my wedding (went more classic “50’s” over “rockabilly”) and a less inexpensive short gown for dancing at the reception.

    Congrats and good luck on your search!

  7. corrin

    being a Dolly bride ( 3 weeks to go) can’t say enough about how brilliant she is.Vivien of Holloway is also a good choice and honeypie in the uk.You could go down the dress maker route .Good look and enjoy the search.

  8. Rachel

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Kat so much for taking the time for me! Your a bloody genius! I am loving all these looks however my ultimate favourite is the first one! i cant go past the halterneck! I am thinking defiantly something of this design! I was planning to get my dress over here in australia because the possibility of getting in the U.S honestly just didnt occur to me until you mentioned it on here! Thank you so much for all your help!!!!!!!

  9. Wanted to know if you can give the name of the company that made the blue wrap around dress in picture 11. LOve and can not find it anywhere…. Getting married in Vegas this year and would love to rock it.


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