Rock n Revolution – A Parisian Sneak Peek Part 1

October 13, 2010


Yes, that is how excited I am to share this. As most of you will know I headed over to gay Parieeee this week for the shoot to end all shoots, and BOY did it deliver. As you can probably see, the theme was punk rock Marie Antoinette and the props the stylist sourced were amazing. The dresses were super impressive (although I’ll be honest, I was a little afraid of them – they were BIG!) I got papped by more tourists than I’d like to count and was asked to appear in a French music video! I am a total Paris convert and will demand that Gareth takes me there again tout de suite!

I can’t wait to share the full shoot with you but to whet your apatite, here’s a couple of little sneak peeks – the first, a shot that we tweeted LIVE from Paris. David, the photographer was so excited when he looked in the back of his camera that he begged me to tweet just one. And the other two are a few little inklings for you to salivate over. Are you LOVING it?!

Full shoot (plus full list of all the amazing people involved AND behind the scenes shots & hopefully video) to come really soon – just you wait to see what a stir we caused at Sacré Cœur!

Photography Credit: David McNeil Photography


  1. I love this shoot, you look so pretty! All the colour, and the make-up, the hen, and of course the ruby slippers, it’s fabulous xx

  2. Monique

    You’ve even got rainbow chard in the basket! Now *that* is stylist dedication. Looks like an amazing workshop!

  3. oh, I’ve so got to get me on one of these events!
    Fab ruby slippers! And amazing sparkles on the lips; was it hard to talk with them on?

  4. Such a gorgeous shoot, so many wonderful colours and amazing light! Love the behind the scenes vid, great job Rich! So interesting to see behind the scenes from the weekend, I hope to book myself onto one of these fab workshops one day – loving your work Lisa! xx

  5. Bloomin’ gorgeous! Well done to everyone involved! AND you got the best weather of the year – must be a good omen that the Photography Farm will just go from strength to strength! 🙂

  6. Ooooh I just love every single one of these photographs, and the film is INCREDIBLE! It captures what happened exactly right. Thank you Kat and Lisa and the amazing Photography Farm team, you made it such an amazing experience! xxxxxxx

  7. Lyndsey

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. My red glitter dorothy shoes arrived at the weekend… designed myself via shoesofprey! Wedding on28th Jan will send u the pics!!! 🙂 xxx

  8. what a fabulous shoot, and a great team behind it, loving the styling and the 3rd shot down is my fav, loving little toto! xx

  9. Hi Kat, Looks great. Was really fun to set up / style. The pony suits you too! Perhaps that could be a new Katmobile? Bring on #2! P.S – First prize to Monique for noticing the rainbow chard! x

  10. Wow! I love love LOVE tis shoot! My favourite is the pivture where we see you from the side, taking down the laundry! Love the colors in that one! You look absolutely gorgeous, Kat!

  11. I decided I need to wear ruby slippers at my wedding a long time ago, so naturally I’m in love with this shoot. And that carrot picture! It’s my favorite.

  12. It was wonderful to meet such a creative group of people, and have these beautiful images to remember it by. Photography Farm Rocks.

  13. these are AMAZING pics! I am so sad to see that the shoes dont come with the sparkles atatched. absolutely stunning though

  14. Rae

    Kathryn is going to be our wedding photographer and seeing these shots just made me head over heels and giddy excited!

  15. Great pictures – stunning colours/makeup/hair/pooch. Would love to know if there is something similar for wedding stationers – would love to meet up with like minded people and work on a great project x


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