Juliana & Tiago Small & Intimate Brazilian Wedding

Brazilian born Juliana & Tiago met online and wed a year and a half later. They married at sunset in a small and intimate ceremony. The couple were keen to keep the day personal to them and not to succumb to the expectation of the large and lavish wedding that a customary in Brazil. “We got married in a small town, it was a mini wedding, during sunset, ” the bride told me. “We decided to not make everything big, like it’s usual here, and everything very romantic, but with a vintage touch. In the ceremony we played The Who, Beach Boys, Beatles and She & Him. The reception had the same spirit, a lot of songs to make everyone dance, from 60’s to 80’s.”

Juliana created all the flower arrangements herself from the bouquets to the centrepieces and her Aunt helped her create the flower arrangements for the place settings as well as the chocolate favours.

Thank you to Juliana & Tiago for sharing their beautiful wedding with us today

Photography Credit: Jann la Pointe Photography


  1. Rebeca

    I`m brazilian and from Rio, just like Juliana and Tiago, and I was very happy to see a brazilian wedding around here!

  2. Thanks for publishing these pics! I love your blog and it’s quite an honor to see my work published here 🙂 I wanted to also give credit to my second shooter, Beta Bernardo, as she took all the lovely pics of the decoration.

    Jann La Pointe

  3. I’m so proud to see this pics here!!
    Jann is a great and generous photographer!! And I’m very happy to have been part of this work! And see the pictures here is very rewarding.
    Congrats, Jann and Juliana!!


    Beta Bernardo

  4. I really loved to see my pictures here. Thanks so much for all, Kat!

    I just forgot to credit Beta for her pictures and also Martha Netto, who helped me with the organization, details and decoration.

    Even thought I’m not a romantic person, this was really the best day of my life and I enjoyed all of it.

    Kisses, Juliana.


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