A Sunday Kind of Love – Cutture

August 15, 2010

Hum..this week has been pretty awesome and I’ve met so many amazing people at my little party so how on earth do I choose just one of you for my loving this week? Well simply because their work is amazing, unique and inspiring, and you need to know about them, I’m going to nominate the awesome Cutture. They make custom, laser-cut stationary and quite frankly I’ve never seen anything like it! They even have a range made out of perspex!


Not only did they donate a fabulous, custom-made piece of art for the massive giveaway prize but at the party this week, Helen gave me my very own one to keep. I am SO EXCITED about it. I love it muchly!

Just check out the amazing love, care and attention to detail that’s gone into this Rock n Roll Bride bit of laser-cut goodness. Blown away I am!

‘For those about to wed, we salute you’

I love it!

*I recieved this Rock n Roll Bride art as a gift, however this was NOT a sponsored post. Although I often receive little presents from readers and suppliers, sending them does not guarantee a review or write up. Posts like this one are published at my discretion.


  1. I Love Cutture -Helen knows because I think I told her 100 times on Wednesday night!!! But I do think they have innovative designs and are by far my favourite laser cut design company xxx

  2. This looks fab Kat! We feel a bit blown away that your ‘Sunday Kind of Love’ is all about us! We had a great ‘subject’ to work with, a truely unique gal, providing a fabulous service to all those brides to be, and all of us suppliers…
    It’s been fun, thank you from us all at Cutture x

  3. Shalma Korim

    This is beautiful. I wish I knew about them a few months ago! This is exactly what I wanted for my invitations!!!

  4. Pie

    They really are beautiful. So intricate and delicate yet bold and proud too. I’ve been showing off my one that I won (:-D brag brag brag, I know!) and everyone has loved it. I have to remind them that they have to give it back!

  5. Post author

    haha Pie, i know the feeling! when i got yours through for the contest i was so totally jealous of it! im so excited to have my own one now!

  6. Tattybojangles

    Cutture are gorgeous. They showed me some fab invites for my wedding, would loved to have had them.


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