Tamanna & Tanveer’s Muslim Wedding Celebration

June 15, 2010

You don’t see enough Asian weddings in blog land which surprises me really as they are so colourful and full of love that one would think they were perfect blogging material. Luckily for me, photographer Tapas Maiti, who specialises in these weddings, send me this gorgeous Muslim wedding last week. I have a couple of Indian friends and I am always intrigued to hear about their epic wedding celebrations and how different they are to the western wedding. They are all about colour, family and fun!

“Tamanna & Tanveer are Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh and the wedding ceremony itself is called a Nikah.” Tapas told me. “It is quite common for the Nikah to be undertaken as a private family affair with an community elder or Imam. The Wedding Reception is the opportunity to announce themselves to their friends and relatives.”

“What I loved about this wedding was how relaxed and fun it was, Bengali’s are very gentle by nature and this shows through in a wedding where everyone is very kind and welcoming from when I arrived at the brides house to be offered tea and chocolates to the groom and his brother taking the time out to make sure that me and my assistant were sat down to eat at dinner.”

“We met the bride and groom at the Marriott before the guests arrived and I had over an hour to photograph them and we had some fun around the streets. Asian bridal gowns however are VERY heavy and sometimes it reminds me of how the Victorians has to photograph. You can’t expect the bride to jump around in dresses laced with real gold.”

Thanks to Tapas for sharing this gorgeous celebration with us today

Credit: Tapas Maiti