Balance & Contrast

May 1, 2010

You may or may not have noticed, but it has been blog-central here at Rock n Roll Bride this week. I’ve been tweeting probably more than ever and replying to emails like a mad-woman! I’ve been sent so many awesome submissions that I haven’t known where to start! Therefore I’m going to post two features today instead of my usual one that I post on a weekend day. PLUS I’ve just concocted a new feature idea for my Sunday post so pop by tomorrow and see what I’m up to… Blogging-overdrive!

Allie & Patrick’s engagement was designed around the idea of balance and contrast.  They decided to go for two different looks “One, a very warm, vintage-y, backlit and natural look with texture and colors like yellows, browns and whites, and the second, very cool, city street, look with lots of blues, turquoise and blacks! photographer Rhys explained. “The idea and challenge was to shoot both looks similarly in terms of composition, but come out with two very different looking sessions, so that they could be displayed side by side allowing the contrasts to really play off of each other. Allie and Patrick loved it because it allowed them to show off all aspects of their personalities; both are incredibly stylish, but also love to just be ridiculous and have fun.”

Thanks to Rhys for sharing these!

Credit: Rhys Albrecht