Vampire Boudoir

I’ve been invited to the Luella’s Boudoir bridal event this evening (as a VIP – ha? moi? hilarious!) so what better way to stat the day then will a Rock n Roll boudoir sesh…plus combine that with Annie’s awesome Wild Fox ‘my boyfriend’s a vampire’ tee (which, I might add, I’ve lusted over for a while!) and you’ve got a match made in Rock n Roll heaven!

Thanks to Shaneen for sharing. Lovely…

Credit: Rosewarne Cox Photography


  1. Ellie

    Such a cool boudori shoot, especially with the Yoda mask. Now if only my boyfriend, or rather my husband were Bill Compton (from True Blood) then we’d really be sorted. ‘Unfortunately’ my real husband is a little more obvious so I might look into one of the Julia Boggio shoots.


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